Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 81 - Happy April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day! I am really disappointed. No one played a trick on me today. But I didn’t play any tricks either. Do kids still do that? I’ll have to ask Adair and Meleah when I see them next weekend. So April fools day was uneventful, but boy was it pretty. I love my job, and I am blessed to have it. I know it is part of God’s provision for me. At the same time it sure was nice to be off and not to have to drive down to the airport this morning. I was able to get a load of clothes washed and do all my running around. I went to Costco to buy organic chicken for Lisa and then went out to a farm in Rockmart where they sell raw milk. I got some to take down to Mobile tomorrow. I got to ride around in the Miata. This is the weather it was built for. Then after I got home I ran for almost an hour, fifty-six minutes to be exact. It was so nice not to run in the cold. The bad news is that I didn’t wear any sunscreen on my head. Sometime having no hair can cause other problems, like sunburn. Well it will probably turn brown. It’s not that bad. I’m having a hard time concentrating tonight because I keep thinking of how much I still have to do before I leave in the morning. I want to get away ahead of the traffic if I can, but I still have to get things together and pack. Well, it will get done.

Cell group tonight was very good. We watched a DVD on sound and the power of Prophetic Declaration. It brought back to me the reality of the power of our words, both good and bad. I am excited about our group. We have a band of people who are really after the Kingdom of God, and it blesses me so much. But I know that it blesses God so much more. Tonight when were outside declaring life and light over our city; declaring the Kingdom of God to come and be released; declaring the floodgates of revival to open it was very powerful. It was powerful not only in the natural, but even more so in the spiritual. Slowly some of them are coming to understand who they are. Shoot, slowly I am coming to understand who I am. I thought I knew. I figured all this identity stuff we were going to get at BSSM first year was OK, but I already knew that. I was wrong. I had it in my head, but I am just beginning to get it in my heart. Nicaragua showed me more than I thought possible. Scott Thompson told us that traveling in ministry would open us up more than anything, and I believe him. This next year, starting in summer I am going to try to travel as much as possible with the school, on mission trips, whenever I can.

Well, I take another long drive to Mobile without Julia tomorrow morning. I am going to miss having her in the car. Sometimes we would drive for miles not saying a word, but her presence was there. I an going to ask father God tonight for more of His presence to ride with me tomorrow. I haven’t done that before. It will be interesting to see how it works out. Lisa is getting her orders next week. They will be moving to Norfolk VA in the summer. She will be in an intelligence unit. I wonder if it’s like CTU? Probably not. Anyway that means she will be moving and I know that I will be there to help her, but the real help in all the moves was Julia. She was a powerhouse when it came to packing and unpacking. She could have a kitchen unpacked and everything in its place before I could get two boxes opened. One of her main love languages was “acts of service”, and she loved to help the girls when they moved. I would always help, but not nearly as much as she did. I guess I have to realize that I can just be me. I can’t be both Julia and myself to the kids. I know that my tendency is to try and overcompensate and try to fix things. I can’t fix this. I can only give them my love, and a shoulder to cry on when they miss their mom. So I guess it’s time to close so I can pack. Next stop Mobile AL.


  1. Yes Dad, we just need you to be you! We can all be there for eachother when it comes to missing Mom but I'm glad you made that statement b/c it's true. We love you very much & you are so special to each of us (just as Mom is). You don't have to be anyone that you aren't!

  2. I thought of you yesterday with the beautiful weather. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy it. I hope that you have a good trip with Lisa!