Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God's Goodness

I felt much better today. A good night’s sleep really helped. The coffee this morning was wonderful. Did I say how good the coffee was? Awesome. Anyway, we went out around 1:30PM and drove down past Dario. (We stopped at the church and picked up about 10 more people. The back of the truck was full as well as the Excursion. It was way over the limit. Anyway, I guess that is how life is in Nicaragua.

Then we drove another hour to this village, it was on a dirt road back in the middle of nowhere. They did have electricity, but had a village well where everyone came to get their water. Of course, all the bathrooms were out houses, and they have to carry all the water into their houses. There we divided into two teams of 7. One team was going to stay in this village and go door to door, praying for the sick and just loving on the people. The other group was to do the same thing at the other village. I was in the other group and we drove about 15 minutes away, turned off the road and drove up what looked like a dry rocky creek bed. I wasn’t sure the truck was going to make it. In fact, we got out and walked to take some of the weight off the truck. When we got there, we could see no homes, no well, only a small shelter made of cut trees and canvas. About 25 people were there waiting for us. It was the site of a new church. The leader and probably the main intercessor met us. They all hugged us and we found out that instead of going door to door, we were going to have a healing service.

God’s goodness is everywhere. His love is overwhelming. Most of the people tat we have ministered to are some of the poorest. Their access to any health care at all is very negligible. If Papa doesn’t show up to heal them, then there is no hope. Last night we saw a small growth on the neck totally disappear. We saw a deaf man get a great deal of his hearing back. We were thrilled to be able to pray for these people. Joseph gave a word for testimonies, then we called out a couple of words of knowledge, but we knew that they all had needs, so we just called them up and started praying for them. Holy spirit showed up in power and both men and women were being healed and falling down on the ground under the power of God.

After we were through praying, we did get testimonies. People were healed of headaches, stomach pains, and many other pains. I prayed for a girl with heart problems. I don’t know if she was healed or not, but I do know that the power of God was all over her. We must have been there almost an hour and a half. Then we had to leave to go back to meet the other group. They had had similar results going house to house.

The evening ended with a service at the church,. It was long with typical worship. We prophesied over the pastor and his wife. Three of our ladies spoke and it was very good. We ended the night with a fire tunnel where all the team lines up facing each other, then every one who wanted to walks through as we lay hands on them and pray. Well, it got pretty wild, as the presence of God got more and more evident. People were falling down and we were having to move them out of the way. I know that there were healings even as we prayed. It was a great night and God is good.

The night ended back at a restaurant at 10:30. Once again I was eating dinner at midnight. But it sure tasted good. We got back to the hotel and I got to bed around 1:30AM. We leave on Tuesday for a different hotel. It will be interesting to see what the day brings.

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