Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ending with a Bang

Today was a totally amazing day. We spent the morning eating breakfast and then went to the national Christian TV station. It’s affiliated with TNT in the states. They have a viewership in the hundreds of thousands through out Nicaragua. We had been invited as a team to come down and possibly be on the TV. At breakfast we met with one of the pastors that I had given a prophetic word to last year. It was good to connect with him, and he remembered me. He is a Cuban who was in the mafia in the US. He got saved and became a pastor down in Nicaragua. It was good to see him again. He was the one that connected us up with the TV station.

Anyway, we got to the station and were ushered into the studio where live worship was going on. We all worshiped with the rest of the people and then at the end of worship they had Scott come up and give a brief word. Terry Caban, one of our team members interpreted for him and fulfilled her dream of being on TV. It’s really nice to see someone have a dream fulfilled right before your eyes. Scott’s word was good and after he finished, Harry, Scott and Lacey were ushered out to meet the man who owns the station. We stayed in the studio for a service with a woman minister from Pennsylvania. Her message was good, but we all wanted to get on with the day. After about 40 more minutes, the service was over and we left. In a few minutes Scott and Lacey came out to meet us. The owner of the station came with them and invited us all over to his house for dinner after our service.

After having lunch and a brief rest at the hotel, we got in the bus to drive over an hour south to the church where we were going to minister. This is the same church that we ministered at last year. It was one of my favorite times last year and I knew that it would be fun. We had four of the team members that still hadn’t spoken. I was one of them. We were all supposed to speak for ten minutes and I was going to be the last speaker. Church was good and worship was very long. We were supposed to be at the TV station owner’s house for dinner at 9PM. We ere just finishing up worship around 8 and it took an hour to drive there. Still we all had to speak. It was very anointed, and we all flowed together. I was the last to speak and I thought it was OK. Everyone said it was good, but I was not as happy as I have been when I spoke during other times. Anyway it was done, and God confirmed His word with signs and wonders. We had a number of testimonies of healings. A mass was removed from around an ovary. Eyes were healed. There were a number of other healings but I can’t remember them now. It was a good service.

Then we went to the house for dinner. What a house. This man must be very wealthy. The house was in a compound with guards and guard dogs. It had a beautiful pool, and the house was magnificent. It was evident that once again we had found great favor to be invited to a place like that for dinner. It turns out that Scott and Lacey had prophesied a word over him that was right on target, and he wanted to get to know all of us better. Anyway, their gift made a way for us into his heart and his house tonight. It was a great night, and we kept on finding favor. I was given a word by the woman who ministered that morning at the studio. She was here for dinner also.

Sp, the trip draws to a close, Before we go to the airport tomorrow we are going to the parliament building and pray outside the steps. Then we will drive to the airport to fly home. My blog tomorrow will be from back in my house in my rocking chair, I’m looking forward to seeing home again.

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