Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today was a good day. I went to work and it was a very short day. I was seat filling (playing like a pilot) with the FAA in the other seat and we were just doing what he wanted to do. It turns out he was finished with what he wanted to see in an hour and a half. What’s more, I actually got to fly a couple of very tough approaches and make a couple of landings. Sure, it’s a simulator, but it feels real when you are inside. It was a fun day. Then I was able to stop by Harry’s and buy some vegetables. I used them to make a smoothie tonight for supper.

I did get a run in this afternoon and I also got the grass cut. But the most fun was just sitting outside on the porch listening to some music. Then just staying home and resting in front of the TV. I don’t think I have had a night where I wasn’t doing something since last Wednesday night. So it was fun just doing nothing. Tomorrow I am working late in the afternoon, so “Dinner and a Movie” will start without me. I’ll be there hopefully by 7 but it could be later. Well, it will be fun anyway.

So this really is the first day that I have had to really enjoy since last Friday. Rumor has it that we are going to be really busy in April at work and I just hope it really doesn’t mess up my schedule. But no matter what, I am so blessed to have the job that I have. It’s hard to believe that I haven’t missed a night of school this year because of work. That is amazing.

I am so thankful that I have such good friends, old and new, and that I have my daughters and granddaughters. I am thankful for my family here in Atlanta, and my extended family thru out the states. I am so blessed to have good health, and I am so looking forward to these next months to begin to get back into the training mode. I really enjoyed the run today. It was only about a half-mile longer bur I felt much stronger. I am thankful to be living in this time. This time in history is so important. We are going to see the beginning of a billion soul harvest for the Kingdom. It is the greatest time to be alive ever! More people are coming into the Kingdom of God each day than ever before in recorded time. Sure we have bad stuff going on, but we have to look at what God is doing, and He is on the move.

I’m thankful to be able to be involved in ministry. I am thankful for RiverStone and all that we are doing. I’m thankful for Bethel Atlanta and all that we are doing. I’m very thankful for the school. These past two years have been revolutionary. I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing if I hadn’t signed up for first year when I did. I am thankful to be able to travel and minister all over the world. It’s hard to believe since late September I have been in Australia, Nicaragua, Utah, South Carolina, Florida and of course Georgia ministering the Kingdom.

But probably most of all I am thankful that I still have dreams, and I still have my health to follow my dreams to my destiny. I don’t know all that will happen this year, but I do know that I will be able to follow my dreams, and that my dreams are His dreams. He put them in my heart. I am thankful that He allows me to partner with Him in bring the Kingdom down to earth. It is just so much fun. If you had told me that I could have this much fun at this age, I would have said you were nuts. But I am having fun and I enjoy His presence, and I know that He enjoys hanging out with me.

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