Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Being Sick is NOT FUN

What a wasted day. I had so much stuff that I needed to do in the next two days before I go to Ft Lauderdale for the weekend. Instead I spent most of the day coughing and resting and basically doing nothing. Last night, the cough got worse, and by the time I went to bed, my chest was hurting from coughing so much. It didn’t get better this morning, I slept until 10 and then got up. It’s funny, but I didn’t cough during the night, at least not too much. But when I got up, it started up again, even worse. So I went to the walk in clinic at Walgreen’s. The nurse practitioner diagnosed me with Bronchitis.

Now I haven’t been to the doctor in over three years. I haven’t had any prescription drugs in over 4 years. It was really hard for me to walk into that clinic. I believe in divine health. I believe we can live at a higher level of health by maintaining balance in what we eat, taking supplements and intimacy with God. I have been doing it and living it. I plan to keep on. But there are times when you have to face the fact that God uses medicine as well as supplements. My symptoms today and tonight were much like Julia’s. She was much more stubborn than I am and she (no we) waited too late to seek help through medicine. That is just a fact. There were many reasons, and we were traveling and going to conferences. She was not telling me everything she was feeling. If I had any idea how sick she was I would have demanded she go to the doctor earlier. But even when she did go to the doctor, he didn’t even realize how bad she was because he sent her home with what he thought would help her.

So today as I have fought this sickness, I have also fought off the enemy and all of the “what if’s”. I went to the clinic today because of what happened to Julia. Last year I would not have gone. I know that. As you live life, you learn and mostly you learn from your mistakes and successes. Sometimes learning from mistakes is very hard. I have not changed how I feel about medicine. To me it is a last resort, but it is a resort that I will turn to if necessary. The key thing is that I go to Father first and seek healing through Him, if he says go to the doctor, then I’ll go. It’s another method of healing. The Father is perfect. The doctor is still practicing. But them so am I when I pray for people. I’m still practicing too. I guess in some ways we all are.

So, I’ll take my medicine and go to bed and rest. I’ll rest tomorrow and be ready to get on the plane to FL on Friday morning. It will be good to be with some of my family.

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