Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well, I’m sitting by the fire in my rocking chair. It’s hard to believe that it is almost the end of March. Last night I wrote about spring. I sure wish the Spring weather would return. It’s been cool and very damp all day. The fire takes the chill off the house, plus I just love looking at it. It’s been a busy day. I had to work this afternoon. While some days at work are very easy, others are pretty hard. Today was one of the harder ones. This module has a long briefing and power point presentation. It covers a lot of material, and I am talking constantly both in the briefing and in the simulator. So I was glad when it was over about 6PM.

After meeting John and Biddie for dinner at a new Mexican restaurant, I got home in tome to clean house and do laundry. The house isn’t that messed up, but there were clothes to fold and more laundry to do. I still have to pack for my trip tomorrow. At least I’m not driving. OI wasn’t looking forward to 20 hours of driving in three days. That doesn’t sound bad until you realize that it was two ten hour trips. Anyway, the sewing machine and serger should be there on Friday. So I will see Anna and little Julia tomorrow evening. I talked to Anna tonight and she is excited to see me coming. I’m excited to see them too.

This morning I was reading about Jesus going of in the desert to be tempted by the Devil for 40 days. It said He went out “filled” with the Spirit, but came back in the “Power” of the Spirit. What’s the difference? It sounds like an upgrade. Why did He get or even need an upgrade. Well, if you think about it, He was operating as a man, not God. So as a man, he needed to find favor with God. While he was in the desert being tempted, He obviously found favor. I was reading form a little book called “Spiritual Java” about this today. The favor of God is given, but He gives it to whomever. It’s obvious that Jesus increased. In fact there is a verse in another passage that says Jesus increased in favor with God and man. We all need favor. We need it with both God and with man.

It’s favor that opens doors. I don’t believe you can “earn” favor, but you can by your actions put yourself in a position to get it. It’s hard to reach the destiny that we have been called to if we don’t have favor with both man and God. We need to pray and ask God to give us favor and to help us find favor with those who we need favor. I believe one of the best ways to receive favor is to rejoice when others find favor. Especially if it is from someone with whom we need favor ourselves. Favor is not like the gifts. I believe that God looks at character to decide whether we can handle His favor. Too much favor too early in our life can do us great harm.

I don’t know about you, but I am praying that God would show me how to grow so that I could handle more of His favor. I know that what I want to accomplish cannot be accomplished alone. I have to find much favor, both with God and with man. But right now, I just want to find favor enough to get on an airplane to Virginia. The rest will come in it’s proper time.

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