Monday, March 28, 2011

The Main Key

There are many keys to the Kingdom, but is there one key that is more important than all other keys? If so, what would it be, and why? Sean Boltz was talking about keys tonight. Keys we need to activate our ministry and to move into all that God has called us to do. In fact during the time he met with second year he prayed that we would receive the keys that we needed to be activated into all that God is calling us into. There are different keys; prophecy, worship and many others But I think the most important key is Love.

Yes, I said love. We have to love those whom we minister to. It’s not about thinking with our head, it’s about feeling with our heart. Heidi Baker had a vision of faces, faces of an unreached people group. As she saw thousands of faces in an instant God gave her His love for them. This love is the motivation force to keep on even when you are getting beat up or having great difficulty. We have to ask Papa for his love for the people that He has for us to minister to. It’s not a love that can be worked up, it is His love that has to be released by the Spirit.

What you love with His love will begin to show you your calling and mission. When I look through His eyes, I see young people who are seeking to go after God. I see future ministers and lawyers all armed with all the gifts of the Spirit to go out into the world and transform nations. That is why I know that part of my destiny is wrapped up in BASSM. I am called to help equip, empower and release the next generation of revivalist into the world. So I am positioning myself to be able to be involved in this undertaking. I am doing all that I can do, and I am asking God for his favor and the favor of man to make all of this happen.

Another part of my destiny is to equip, empower and release people into their identity in Christ. This will take many forms, but primarily by using tools such as Sozo to connect them to the Godhead. Also speaking in different venues will occur as well. I know that much of the ministry that God has for me will be done outside of Atlanta. probably outside of the United States. I got another prophetic word on that tonight. It just confirms what He has been telling me.

Like everything in the Kingdom, to move forward into the new, sometimes you have to release some of the old. You can’t hold onto the past, no matter how good it was. It’s sort of like manna. If you hold onto ministries past your season, it hurts the ministry. I to often se people who are not willing to let go. We can’t get our identity from our ministry. Our identity comes from the Father. My identity will be the same whether I ever minister again.

But back to the key. I need more of His love. That is what I am asking Him tonight. That he will break my heart for those whom He wants me to minister to. Only then will I really be effective in the Kingdom. I see faces, and I see destiny released, but I am crying to feel so much more love. But I know that is a prayer that He loves to answer. So, even if I don’t feel anything tonight, I know that if I keep asking, I will feel His love whenever it is necessary. He is a God of love, and He longs to show me His heart. That I can count on.

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