Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kingdom Expansion Part 2

Today was just an awesome day. We had nine prophetic teams form the school prophesying over individuals at 10 minute intervals for tow hours. We worked in some extra people, so I think that we ministered to around 100 people. The reports that we got back from the people that we ministered to was very encouraging. One girl who had never seen anything like this said that we “rocked her world.” She received very accurate words even though she didn’t even believe in prophecy. The Holy Spirit was there using us to minister to these people.

So, what exactly is New Testament prophecy? The bible says it is for edification, exhortation and encouragement. In other words, prophecy is used to show someone God’s heart in a matter, and to encourage them in the things of the Kingdom. Of course it can be much more, but it is not calling the sins out in front of people. When I start to give a word for someone, I ask Holy Spirit to help me “pull out the gold” in a persons life. I want to give encouragement in their calling and help send them into their destiny. That happened about 100 times today. It was a great morning, and helped activate many people. Personally I was stretched as usual, but it was a fun time in the Lord.

After lunch, Steve talked on creating a prophetic culture, or a culture that empowered and gave room for the prophetic and all it’s weirdness. It was the perfect message to give after what we had been doing during the morning session. It was like we demonstrated what he was preaching. All the students who came from the school did very well. BASSM should be proud. Steve’s message was good, but for me it was just a review of what I have been trying to do for over 4 years. Just being able to do this today was a long fought for victory.

This afternoon I was able to get a much needed nap because I have to get up early again in the morning for work. Then I will drive back to RiverStone for the 11AM service and then down to Little Five Points for more prophetic training. Tonight Steve picked up his message right where he had left off last night. He talked more about us being seated, even as I write, in heavenly places as well as having all authority to replenish and subdue the earth. He talked about how God had released all authority of the earth to man, but man had turned away from God and toward Satan. By doing that, Satan has influenced man into coming into agreement with the enemy and thereby keeping the earth under the control of the enemy.

It was a great sermon and I got a great new one liner that makes so much sense. It’s about when we spend too much time analyzing our self. Steve told a story where he had been really feeling unworthy. “If you can't earn it through your good works. You can't mess it up with your mistakes.” This is so true and I have to really wait to make sure that I understand all it means. Tomorrow afternoon in L5Ps and we really have to it ready to go,” After today, how could I not be ready?

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