Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Spiritual Readings"

It’s 10 PM and I am going to bed right after I write this post in my blog. I was up at 3AM again this morning. After work I did get to drive up to RiverStone and hear Steve Thompson. His message was on the goodness of God. It’s amazing when what you believe but you can’t really explain is laid out in a sermon with multiple scripture references. God is good. The Father is displayed in the life of Jesus. There was no judgment, only love, acceptance and compassion. I was so glad that I was able to get back up in time for the 11AM service. The weekend was just amazing!

But then it was time to drive back down to Little Five Points. Today was a special day in the fact that we were going to make a statement. A statement that our God is powerful and He cares about everything in your life. Today we were bringing table and chairs and sitting them up in the center of the park. We had a sign that says “Spiritual Readings”. All of us (around 12) were going to stay in the park area praying. We were each going to take time giving “spiritual readings”, prophetic words, to anyone who wanted them. We also had balloons and a jimbay drum. With the drum playing constantly, many of us standing around and asking people if they wanted to have a free spiritual reading we went on the attack in the spiritual jungle of L5P.

You could sense that we were not wanted by a few of the store owners, but it’s L5P and public property. There was nothing in the natural that thy could do. However you could sense that they were doing everything in the spirit realm to attack us. It wasn’t working. At times we drew a crowd. There were tourist with cameras taking pictures, and others waiting to have a “reading”. We were there bringing hope and light into a dark place. It was the biggest stand that we have taken out there this year,

Up until today, we have only divided up into small groups and walked around under the radar praying and speaking words as they were given. It’s been good, and we have seen fruit, but it was time to step it up. We only have five more Sundays until school ends. We will probably do this for the next five weeks. If we do that I am sure that we will reach many more people than by just walking around. Anyway it was a very fun day.

I talked to another man today. His name is Legend. At least that is what he is know as on the streets. Legend is very spiritually attuned. He feels things and picks up on peoples wounds. I’ll talk more about that in a minute. Legend is an artist. He paints beautiful pictures and makes beaded jewelry. He is very talented. He is a big guy, probably about 6’4”. But he has a very calm spirit about him. I really don’t think he believes in Jesus, but he does know the difference between good and evil, especially in the spirit realm. He is homeless, but carries himself with dignity. He is clean and very articulate. I really liked him and enjoyed our conversation. He knows that we are believers in Jesus, and welcomes us to join him in fighting off the evil spirits that dominate most of Little Five Points.

Legend sees this area as his territory. He sees what he is doing is his spiritual duty to pay back what he took from the area back in the day when he was a drug dealer. He hopes that we keep coming down because we help keep evil in check. As I was talking to him, I saw that he was still favoring an arm that had been broken. It was out of the cast, but still in very much pain. I asked where the pain was and he showed me the place right above his wrist. It was hot with fever and swollen. I reached out and placed my hand on it. Instantly in the Spirit I felt Papa say to speak peace over it. So I just stood there with my hand on the spot and I commanded peace to come into his arm. As I did it a second time, he looked at me and said wow. Instantly much of the pain had disappeared. I just kept my hand on the spot commanding bones and muscle to come into proper alignment. After a minute of so I let go. I looked at him and He just said thanks man. But I saw his eyes, and I saw that his arm had received some healing.

Legend watches and waits. I think he prays, but we didn’t talk about that. He sees himself as a protector of the young. Especially the young kids that come out there and can so easily get caught up in the darkness. He is there to rescue them if necessary. As we were talking he asked me if I had suffered any deep pain lately. I asked why he thought that. He said he could feel it on me. I then told him about Julia’s death, and Julia’s birth. He was almost blown away with the story. We talked about grief, and I talked about God’s goodness. It was a very interesting conversation.

Yes, I’m sure we will do more “spiritual readings” next week, and I am looking forward to more conversations with Legend. We took some ground at L5P today. We need to hold it and take more. We did it like Steve Thompson said, by replenishing people with the Love of God. It was a good day.

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