Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

It feels like Spring has come back on this beautiful St Patrick’s Day. I drove home with the top down this afternoon. It was a day made for convertibles and motorcycles. Tomorrow is the same, and I can’t wait to ride my Harley sometime this weekend. Spring is in the air and I am so glad we have Daylight Savings time now. It is so nice to have the sun up longer in the day.

We had Dinner and a movie tonight and I grilled chicken. It was good to do it in the sunlight instead of darkness. I love spring. The movie was forgettable, but the company was excellent. It’s good to get together with friends and just talk and hang out. The chicken was very good, and the salad, fruit, orzo and chocolate strawberries were to die for. You would think that someone had coordinated the meal, but it just all came together. So it was a very relaxing evening. Definitely the kind that I need to have more of.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk at Kennesaw Mountain. I don’t think I’m up to running yet, but I do feel much better. I do think I can walk and get some exercise. I definitely need it. I might ride my bike down there, but I will need to change clothes and shoes to walk. We will see. At any rate, it is definitely going to be a fun day. I’m looking forward to it. It looks like a great weekend to. It’s about time!

Today is St Patrick’s Day. I love all the stories about him. All the people he won to the Lord in Ireland, and all the miracles he preformed. He truly was one who deserves to be called a Saint. Of course, I am a saint, and so are you if you are a believer. We believe and then we see. We have gotten it wrong. No, I have gotten it wrong for years. I have been trying to see so I could believe. In reality, I have to believe so I can see. St Patrick did that. He believed, and then He saw Holy Spirit back up his preaching.

We need to do more than talk about the love of Jesus. We need to demonstrate His love with words, deeds and signs following. People today are looking for a God of love and a God of power, We need to show them the real Jesus; the Jesus who walked with compassion, healing all who came to Him. We are the body of Christ. His representation on the earth. If they don’t see the God of love and power in us then they will never see Him. That’s our assignment here on earth for as long as we are here. That’s what I want to do. Release His love and His power everywhere I go. But to do it, I have to believe and then see. Sometimes that is harder than it should be.

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