Monday, March 14, 2011

Radical Warriors

No, I’m not talking about Islamic Jihads or other terrorist groups. But what I am talking about is someone who might not be considered politically correct, especially in religious circles. The word radical is defined as thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms. So I guess that makes me a radical. It also makes most of my friends radicals. I’m in school with those who I would categorize as radical warriors.

Tonight was a great example of this in school. Bobby Conner was there teaching and talking and then all of a sudden, it seemed like all Heaven broke loose. He sais something about Angles up front stirring up the winds and all of a sudden almost everybody in the room was up front trying to get into such a small space. Then as Bobby went around, the power of God got stronger and stronger. It was totally out of hand and so, so good. He cam by and touched my head. It was like a power release in slow motion. I could feel the increase in power. It got stronger and stronger, slowly pushing me over. It was like everything happened in slow motion until I hit the floor. It was amazing.

But back to being radical; I love the definition, especially about being extreme especially as regards change form accepted or traditional forms. It’s not like I don’t like tradition, I really do. As long as it has power behind it. In too many cases the church has become a form and symbol without power. We are called to bring the King’s Kingdom to earth. We are warriors. I’m for anything that helps bring the Kingdom down, and I am totally against all the things that block the Kingdom. Normally, the traditions of men are one of the main things that stop the Kingdom.

As radical warriors, it’s our job and destiny to fight to overcome these traditions of men. But being a radical warrior is like being a piece of coal in the fire. Left to itself, the coal will cool and eventually go out. But placed with other pieces of coal, it will burn brighter and brighter until it is consumed. That’s why I am at BASSM. I want to be surrounded with other like minded coals. I don’t want to die out, I want to be consumed. For me, this is a time to run and run hard after everything that God has for me. I have to surround myself with other radical warriors, especially when school is over. Seasons of change are upon us all. We all have to sense the will of God in our lives and then run as hard as we can with radical abandon to follow that dream. It is a time where each of us needs to seriously ask Papa if we are in position to run the race He has called us to run. Then we have to act in quick obedience to answer what He shows us.

So the question of the day is this: Are you positioned for victory. Are you where He has called you, and if this is a season of change for you, are you willing to risk everything to make that change happen? We all must weigh the cost and have the courage to follow our hearts.

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