Monday, February 28, 2011

Are We There Yet Daddy?

I remember when I was a little boy and we would go on trips. I would probably bug my parents do death asking "Are we dear yet daddy? The standard answer was"five more minutes". It might be an hour, but the answer would be "five more minutes." When you are on a mission trip, part of life is the test of "five more minutes". The unknown factor of what you are doing and when you are doing it. Well, it didn't take long to start.

Well, the trip to Atlanta and then to Managua went as well as it possible. I was in first class on both flights. We left SLC around 1AM, and got to Managua around 2PM. Then we had to wait for the one of the rental trucks. We got the trucks and then drove about 2 hours north to Dario where we unloaded on the land that Harry’s church has been given to build on. They were having a service on the land. We got there about 4:30 and the service didn’t start until after 5:30. It was my first test on the trip. I really wasn’t in any mood or condition to minister. To be honest all that I wanted to do was go to the hotel, shower and shave.

Well, God definitely had other ideas. The service was very good. Harry preached and worship was very lively. The people were very open to the Spirit. One of our team, Hector, brought a good word about the land being ready for revival. It was right on, and well received. The team began to prophecy over different people and it was evident that God was moving and people were getting touched. A few of us had prophetic words for some of the people and then we begin to call out words of knowledge for healing. People started coming up and it was amazing. I think that almost everyone that we prayed for was healed. Of course you never really know, but from the look and joy that they were expressing, you could see that they really had been healed.

This is just a continuation of what happened in Salt Lake City. There we saw over 70 healings, mostly of eyes, but also of many other things. Last night I prayed for a man who had constant pain in his stomach. After praying for a second time, the pain was totally gone. I think that everyone that I prayed for was healed. It was amazing. We also prayed for two men to be delivered from alcohol, and prayed of ten people to receive Jesus. It was a good night. The service lasted until about 7:30. Then we had to wait while they used our vans to take people back to villages and take down the equipment. Then we had to drive for over an hour to the hotel. But we hadn’t eaten since early that day, so we stopped and ate around 10:30. Of course it took about an hour and a half to eat. The food was very good and I was very hungry.

We finally got to the hotel and finally got to the room around 12:30. The shower and shave felt good, and I was in bed by 1AM. So I figured I got about 4 hours of sleep in 40 hours. Definitely a good start to the mission trip. But I’m up now, eating breakfast. The coffee is unbelievably good. Today is going to be a great day.

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