Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Washington's Birthday

Sure, in our modern rush to always have holidays on a Monday, we changed many of our most patriotic holidays around. George Washington’s birthday (today) used to be a holiday. We celebrated it as the first president of our country. It was to honor his memory. Then a few years ago when we tried to streamlined holidays to give people more 3 day weekends, we did away with celebrating George Washington’s birthday, and started celebrating “President’s Day” on a Monday in February. It has become a meaningless day off, like many other days off instead of being a meaningful holiday. Well, today is George Washington’s birthday. Happy Birthday George.

Today was also a gorgeous day on Hilton Head Island. In fact, the last two days have been great, but today had to be the best. It was mostly sunny with a high of around 75. It was a little windy, but it was such a great day, the wind didn’t matter too much. We got to do a lot of outdoor activities. I ran four miles on the beach this morning and then probably walked another mile. It was a great time. Then we rode our bikes down to South Beach and ate out on the deck at the Salty Dog Café. I had the fish and chips. Fried Flounder that was very tasty and cooked just right. Then we rode along the beach back to the condos. After that we sat out in the sun reading for a couple of hours. It was such a beautiful day. For the past tow days I have been able to relax better than I have in a long time.

I don’t know what it is about the beach, but I can relax here easier than I can anywhere else. I just love to see the ocean and hear the waves. I love to watch the sun as it rises and sets. I love to sit out and read as the wind keeps me cool in the sun. Everything is just so peaceful. But the beach isn’t the same when you live there. I did that for almost a year as I tried to sell real estate in Florida. When you are working, you don’t have much time to relax and read on the beach. You definitely don’t have much time to ride bikes. No, the beach is for vacations, times to unwind and reflect on the year.

Tomorrow is a transition day. First, the weather is changing and it’s only supposed to be 59 for a high. We might get a bike ride in, but it won’t be a good day for sitting out and reading. That’s OK, I have to begin transitioning into what I am going to be doing in Utah. I need to spend some time looking at what I will speak on when I do my workshop, and I also need to begin to think and pray more about Nicaragua. So even though I will enjoy tomorrow, the fun days here at Hilton Head are really about over for me. Tomorrow I need to really think about the difference between being a son and an orphan. That is going to be a key concept in this conference. So tomorrow I really need to spend some time focusing on what Holy Spirit wants me to do. But it has been a great few days away from everything. I wish it could have been a few days longer.

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