Friday, February 11, 2011

Release the Chaos

Well, we didn’t have any sozos tonight because of the couples’ dinner at RiverStone. So a few of us took the opportunity to go see Tron: The Legacy. Mow if you don’t like Science Fiction, you probably won’t like Tron, although it did have some very prophetic sayings. But I like Science Fiction and I liked Tron. It was in 3D and the graphics and special effects were off the charts. It is just amazing at what can be done in a movie these days. I won’t spoil the plot except to say it is about a son looking for his father. His father happens to be in a universe that he created.

But this universe has been designed to be perfect. Everything is in order of it is removed. It really reminded me of many of our churches. People were all lined up in rows and all looked and acted the same. Nothing was out of place, everything was decent and in order. But the father, the creator, knew that He had made a mistake. He had watched all this happen, stuck in his own created world. He was almost helpless as long as he wanted the world to exist.

But then the son was threatened and order and perfection were no longer the priority of the father. The priority was saving his son. So as he went into the world to save the son he said let’s release chaos. The definition of chaos is complete disorder or disarray. It is almost the opposite of order. Sometimes this is the only way that Holy Spirit can get i=our attention.

I think that it is natural for most men and women to like order. We love stability and order for the most part. Pastors and teachers especially like order. When there is disorder of chaos, pastors are worried about who might get hurt. Teachers need order if they are to use their gift. No wonder that there is so much order in our churches; they are all run by pastors and teachers. Apostles and prophets often see the need for disorder because they know that God’s power and presence often moves best when the structure is not so strong.

So I have no problem seeing Holy Spirit coming into a church that has been crying out for revival and saying “release chaos”. When Holy Spirit moves in power some degree of chaos is usually present. We can expect it, and we need to have an idea of how we are going to lead through the chaos. Many leaders choose to just stop the chaos and restore order at all cost. That shuts down all that Holy Spirit is trying to do. Other leaders let it go on until they can shut it down in private. Sometimes intimidation and peer pressure shut it down. Unfortunately there are not many leaders that want to pastor it, yet alone are ready to pastor it.

I say bring it on. I love a little, or a lot of chaos as long as it brings a move of the Holy Spirit. But of course, I probably lean towards more freedom. Well as William Wallace said, at least in the movie, we are all going to die, the question is what are we going to live for? I say we live for freedom. What say you?

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