Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, when we woke up around Atlanta this morning, once again we woke up to snow. Thankfully it wasn’t really on the roads. It was just pretty and cold. That must be at least the fourth time this year. It’s still cold now, so much for the “mild” winter that the so-called weather people were forecasting. Some times I think that I could just prophesy the weather more accurately than the weather people can forecast it.

Anyway, here it is the middle of Feb. I am really looking forward to summer. It’s hard to believe that Kris Vallatton is coming to Atlanta next week. I’m working most of the weekend, and then I am off for the rest of the month. The conference, Hilton Head, Salt Lake City, Nicaragua; it’s going to be a busy three weeks. I’ve been sensing a transition in seasons. I believe that this next three weeks will really begin the transition process.

Ever since I got back from Australia, things have not really been the same. I don’t mean in a bad way. It’s really a good thing. I just sense a renewed presence and hunger. It’s like if I am not actively engaged in ministry at some level, something is wrong. Now that’s not to say I want to stay “busy” all the time, but this is a season of hands on ministry. In years past, I have sometimes been more involved in strategically developing ministries and helping develop church governments. While I may be involved a little in that in the future, I really believe my calling is to reach out to the next generation and bring them into the love of the father. That will take hands on ministry.

So, how do you transition into a different season? I’ve been reading a little book by Dutch Sheets called “God’s Timing for your Life”. It’s been a pretty good read, but the last chapter, which I read today, was one of the best. It was entitled “Keys to Unlocking the Shift”. It listed nine keys that will help you transition from one season to the other. It is based on one of my favorite books in the Old Testament, Joshua. I just want to write about the first key tonight. Key #1; We must accept responsibility to do our part. Yes, God will do His part, only what He can do. But we must e willing to step up to the plate and do our part. We have a responsibility to press into our future and cooperate wit Papa to make sure we are ready for the shift.

Sometimes this can be hard. It might seem to some that we are pressing ahead of our destiny, or maybe holding back from something that is waiting for us. The key is to press into Holy Spirit and hear what He wants us to do. At this point, hopefully you have already received wise consul from good friends who also hear God. But now, the job is yours; yours to act as you hear God. It’s your to be obedient to what He tells you. We will never enter into the next season by pulling back in transition. On the contrary, we must press forward in our cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Every decision and every action has a reaction. We don’t live in a vacuum, and our decisions also have an impact on others. But even though we must weigh each move carefully, we have to act. Eventually you and I have to answer to the Father, not to men for our actions. So, in the transition between seasons the most important thing that we can do is stay close to the Father. Let Papa be your protector and let Jesus keep your heart right and allow Holy Spirit to comfort and guide you. Don’t be afraid to act. Don’t allow fear to overtake you. Be strong and courageous!

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