Sunday, February 6, 2011


He calls himself Zen, I don’t know his real name but I’m pretty sure it is not Zen. He grew up in the Baptist church, but now he calls himself a “spiritualist”. He was sitting in the middle of Little Five Points today with his Tarot cards and incense charging a dollar a minute to “read peoples fortunes”. Sheryl Geddis and myself wound up talking with him for almost a half an hour. It was probably one of the most exciting and enjoyable times that I have had down at L5P. I’m sure he will be back next week, and I will try once again.

Zen had brain surgery and says he almost died four times on the operating table. I really believe him, he had no reason to lie. He says that during that time, certain people came and told him that he needed to do what he had been told to do. Since then, he has tried to help people and spreads love where ever he goes. He was very peaceful, almost as peaceful as we were. He was intrigued when he found out we were Christians. He was almost excited to find out that our beliefs, while different in key aspects, were very similar to his. Zen prays to the Father. Ht prays to the God that is above all Gods. He releases peace and love. Zen is very prophetic, and knows the bible. To be honest, I enjoyed our conversation with him more than I do my conversation with most “religious” Christians. We have so much in common. He is so close to becoming a true believer. His problem is that he has been so burned by the traditional church that he won’t admit that Jesus is the way, and Jesus is the representation of the Father.

We were able to give him a prophetic word about his destiny, and he was interested in coming to church, especially when we told him about Bethel Atlanta. He wouldn’t let us pray for him, but was very nice about it. That’s ok, we wouldn’t let him tell our fortunes either. I really think what was winning him over, and might eventually bring him to the light was what he saw in us. He saw the love of the Father being released in a non-judgmental way. He saw us accept him right where he was with respect and dignity. Hs said that we were Christians that he could like. We laughed and just told him that we wanted him to feel the love of God from us, and that our mission in L5P was to bring the Father’s Kingdom down to earth wherever we walked.

At one time he was praying in tongues and told of exorcising a demon from someone he was working with. To be honest, he had the tarot cards, but I believe he used them as a ruse just to prophecy over people. He has gifting, and when he comes to know the true God through His son Jesus, he will be an awesome minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom. He is so close, even as we speak. As we left, he asked us top throw blessings his way when we saw him. We said that we would that and more.

It’s funny, but as I left I prayed hard for this brother. His love for life, and his seeking heart stirred my heart and I could just feel the love of the Father flowing through me for him. I truly feel a connection to him and can only pray for his eyes to be truly opened by Holy Spirit. It’s funny, as we were begging to leave he looked around the area and said. “You know where we are standing.” We said no and he pointed out that the area was a triangle. He pointed to the three boundaries and smiled as he said “The Trinity”. I smiled and said that he was so right. The trinity was there. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I think he knows, now I just pray that he can see. Yes, it was a good day today at L5P.

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