Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Night in Hilton Head

It’s been a great week. The weather has been great although it was a little cold today. But the good news is the sun was out so we got a good bike ride in down to Harbor Town. Then we sat out like turtles sunning ourselves this afternoon. I really do love this place. As I was riding today, I was thinking about Christmas here this year and riding with all the granddaughters to the playground at Harbor Town. It was so much fun. Hopefully they can all get together this summer before they are all scattered to the extreme ends of the country.

Well it’s off to the cold country tomorrow. I catch a plane in Savannah tomorrow morning at 5:30. That means a 3AM wake up in the morning. The flight from Atlanta leaves at 7:35 s it should be a quick connection. I’ve already checked in on line and have my eboarding pass. Technology is amazing! So hopefully on the flight to SLC, I will be able to work more on my workshop. I did some on it today. I probably have more than I need, so now it is refining the message into what Holy Spirit wants me to say. But there has to be more than the message. I have to release the Father’s heart. They have to really understand who they are in Christ. Holy Spirit will have to give me strategies on how to do that.

I’m excited as I leave here. This is what life is about. Sharing the Kingdom of God, empowering, equipping and releasing the next generation into their destiny. My prayer for myself is that Papa would use me at this conference for His purposes, but even more, that He would push me farther into the destiny that He has called me into. I have a general idea, but I need more specifics and a greater plan. I’m looking for these next 10 days to help formulate that plan. I know that He will give me all that I need. I just need to stay plugged into Him. It’s not about me and my stuff, but it is about me being used to release His stuff. That’s what I plan on doing. If I do that, then everything will be OK.

I got the news of the passing of a dear friend today. Donn and I worked at Delta together in Flight Training on the L1011 for over 10 years. We had many good times together. We even took a plane to Africa together long before Delta started flying there (another story for another time). He got pancreatic cancer a few years ago and put up a great fight. I prayed many times for his healing, and now he is with Jesus. I’m sure he has talked with Julia already. I know that his wife and family are grieving tonight, and I just ask Holy Spirit to reach out and comfort them. I’ll be out of town for his service, but I definitely want to see his wife later. He was one of my best friends at Delta and a believer. He will definitely be missed.

So, I leave this island once again. It will probably be at least a year before I come back. It is a place with so many good memories of so many good times. I do feel more peaceful here than probably anywhere else that I can think of. So, hopefully I will be back. I plan on it, but who knows what plans Holy Spirit has for me. I do know that I will get to Ft Lauderdale and Norfolk sometimes in March. School continues until the end of April, after that, everything seems up in the air. Oh well, I have always embraced change, why stop now. Next stop, Salt Lake City.

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