Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Still About Your Dreams

Today Kris said this: “ If you aren’t afraid to die and you haven’t sold your soul for money, you can change the world. “ Well, I’m not afraid to die and I don’t think I hav sold my soul for money, sl that makes me a candidate. So, what is it that is holding me back? I think it is probably the same thing that is holding most of us back. In my heart of hearts, I still don’t believe I have what it takes. I don’t see myself as Papa sees me. What I am doing is telling Him that He didn’t do a good job when He made me. That’s pretty stupid.

I know in my head that God made me just like I am, and that He mead me for a reason, a time such as this. But it needs to get farther down in my heart. I think that I am about 75% there. Which is much better than I used to be. But that missing 25% is key. It keeps me from stepping out to the degree that I should. But I am getting better and every time I press outside my comfort zone, the better it gets. Well, it’s about to get a lot better because I am about to step outside my comfort zone big time in the next two weeks.

But first I get a few days of fun in the sun at Hilton Head to prepare and recharge my batteries. Then It is off to Salt Lake City for a youth conference. I will be teaching a workshop on the Father’s heart. The title is “Run Your Own Race”. I will be calling these youth into their destiny and identity in Christ. I’m sure there will be some mini sozos and prophecy along with the teaching. I have to be ready for it all.

Then Scott will be [reaching, and I know that I will help during ministry time and probably more prophetic words. I was talking to some friends in first year of school about going out on trips. I told them that that was where you were really activated. You don’t realize how much has been imparted to you in school until you go out and start ministering. Well, my words will be true for me too as we go back to Nicaragua. That was where I got activated last year. Looking back now, life really hasn’t been the same since.

And to top that off, the time in Australia sealed what I am to do in Ministry. I have at least three men that I want to get together with when I get back to Nicaragua. It’s time to begin to strategize and develop “A Company of Fathers.” I can’t do it all by myself. The dream is too big for just one person. But with help and God’s grace, I believe we can make a difference. Kris said it today. People all over the world in every area are wanting fathers. I have my mandate. This is a dream that has to be birthed, and I believe it can be.

So, the conference is over tomorrow. O hope they put it up on podcast, or at least sell the CD’s. I would like to hear it again. Well, it’s time to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow. It will be two weeks before I am sitting here in my Rocking Chair.


  1. Hello Tom:
    Which church in Utah is the conference affiliated with. Sid and I are moving to Salt Lake City, Utah in a couple of weeks. We will be looking for a church. I enjoy reading your blog.
    Pauline Camp

  2. I'm not sure Pauline. I'll let you know when I find out something. Blessings,