Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facing the Wall

We had Don Potter with us at school for the past two nights. It was a great time. Don Potter is a very gifted musician/worship leader. I sort of expected him to talk about worship, and sing/lead worship. I was very surprised. Yes, he did sing a couple of songs over the two nights, but basically he spoke to us from the heart of a father. He was basically talking to future leaders, pointing out some traps and potholes. It was a great two nights, and I learned a lot. He wasn’t afraid to take on controversial topics, and it was very interesting listening to him.

On Sunday, he spent time telling a little about his history and walk with God. There was a time in his life when Father God wouldn’t let him play or sing for anyone. Don said that God told him just to spend time playing to Him, and Him alone. He told him to sit facing a certain wall in his house, and wait upon the presence of God. It was the time facing the wall where Don really learned to hear God, and even more, to learn more about the Father’s heart. It was there just ministering to the Lord that Don wrote some of his best worship music as God revealed himself to him.

I’m thinking tonight that Papa wants me to spend some time just “facing the wall”. I’ve been so busy this last week in particular that I haven’t really had time just to soak and worship Him. So I plan on spending some time in the morning just “Beholding the Beloved”. The funny thing is, I know that I will be blessed in the process. We probably all need to spend time just facing the wall, allowing the bridegroom to woo us into a deeper love with Him. The tendency, especially in our western culture is to work, work, work. We are all Martha’s when Jesus is looking for Mary’s.

Tonight I was facing the wall in a different sense. We had our first advanced prophetic AMT, and it was so much fun. Our teachers were talking to us about really going after the gold in people, and that as we learn to prophecy; we should go deeper for even more gold. We had about 45 minutes of teaching and sharing and then 45 minutes of activation (or practice). The activation time is a time of learning, It’s a time where we give words, but then we are asked questions about what we were meaning, and how to go even deeper. It can be intimidating if you let it, but it is a safe place to learn and grow.

One of the exercises was to have a volunteer face the wall and someone else comes up behind the person. The one facing the wall then has to get a prophetic word for the other person with out seeing them. What it does is makes you learn not to get words from just looking at a person. Well tonight I was one of the volunteers. I was sort of intimidated, and I was just praying, “Help!” I knew that I had nothing, and if Holy Spirit didn’t lead me, I wouldn’t have anything worth saying. Well Holy spirit showed up, giving me a picture and an interpretation to the picture so that the word blessed the person, and He used me. It was great, and I did learn some things as the leaders asked questions while I was giving the word, which took it to a deeper and more meaningful level. I can see it is going to be a fun class.

I am so blessed to be able to be in this school. To be immersed in this culture of risk taking and freedom is giving me so much life. I just want to see this freedom and love spread through the body of Christ. It is so needed. God is good. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. Freedom to learn, love and yes, even fail. It is such a great time to be alive. It’s also going to be good to have a few days off.


  1. "Facing the Wall" is one of our favorite CD's. What a great experience for you!!!

  2. Thanks, It was a great night. Maybe you and your husband could meet me sometime at Starbucks at 92 and Cedarcrest. It would be good to talk.

  3. Yes, that would be great! I'll talk to him and we can set up a time.