Tuesday, February 8, 2011

God Gets Joy From Us

Have you ever wondered why the God of the Universe would create so many different and varied people? I have no idea how many people are on the earth today. If it wasn’t so late I would Google the question, I am sure that I would get an answer. But just think, each person, each unique personality He created, and knew that they would be born long before they were born. This isn’t a blog about abortion, but think about all the personalities God created that we kill before they are ever born. With so many personalities, if we are all a facet of God’s nature, think how different and varied He must be.

All of this thinking got stirred up tonight during worship when we were singing a song about how we bring joy to the Father. I know that it is true, the bible says it numerous times, but it’s still hard to believe. But when you think about it it makes perfect sense. He gave us free will so that when we loved Him, He could receive joy. If He made us without free will where we had to do right and love Him, then He would be able to get no pleasure at all when we obeyed Him. We would just be doing the job that He made us for. So a free will is an integral part of us being able to bring Him pleasure.

The Bible says “Obedience is greater than sacrifice”. Obedience is the currency of the Kingdom. It’s our love and obedience that really give Him pleasure. It is when we learn to be obedient on the small things, that He trust us enough to make us responsible for big things. It’s obedience that is making us, the bride of Christ, ready for the wedding. It’s also obedience to His calling that will lead us into our destiny.

Tonight we once again talked about dreams. I’ve written down 25, and I plan on adding another 25 to the list. We talked tonight about the lies that we believed that kept us from pursuing our dreams. Lies like, “I’m too old” or “I’m not that good of a speaker.” Lies will paralyze us if we don’t confront them with others. We have to talk about them and be accountable. We need someone else to tell us that we are crazy to believe them, that they really are just lies. But it’s lies the enemy used to cause Adam and Eve to fail, and if we let him he will cause us to fail as well.

So, tonight was a good night. We prayed for each other and stirred up the gifts then we went upstairs and ended with a long fire tunnel for first year. I didn’t leave until 10:15 and it was still going on then. So that’s my excuse for the late blog. But it was worth it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night as well.

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