Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well John, Biddie and I made it to Hilton Head late this afternoon with no problem. The drive was easy, especially from down south where the conference was. Speaking of the conference, I was everything that I expected and more. Kris is so wise, and carried such authority in the Spirit. I always love it when I can see him in person. Today he talked about living from eternity. You know that we are seated in heavenly places. We have to learn to live from that perspective. It would take a lot more time than I have to write this post even to begin to explain all that he talked about today, but it was amazing and when you think about it, truly revolutionary.

But, here we are in Hilton Head, right on the beach. The unit is not a beach view unit, but it doesn’t matter. The hot tub and heated pool are right outside our building and we can walk less than a quarter of a mile and be in the beach. It is very nice. We went to Publix and got groceries and then came in and basically snacked for supper. We were hooking up my DVD so we could stream Netflix, but because of a problem with the way they have the wireless set up, we won’t be able to do it the way that we wanted. Anyway, we finally got everything set up as much as possible and we decided to watch Braveheart.

Of course you probably already know that this is my favorite movie of all time and for my birthday, one of the girls got me a new copy in Blu Ray. So this blog is late tonight because we spent almost three hours watching the movie. It is still sooo good, I can tell you almost everything that happens before it happens and it still brings tears to my eyes and causes my heart to race with adrenalin wanting to fight.

I loved every minute of the movie tonight, and I could watch it again soon. But as we started watching it, I had sort of a De-Ja-Vu moment. I realized that watching Braveheart was the last enjoyable thing that Julia and I did together. It was the Thursday afternoon before I took her to the emergency room that night. It was about to start snowing. She seemed to be better, and I was making a pot of soup. We were both sitting around in the great room, and I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. She said yes, and I picked out Braveheart. We had just gotten back from Bill Johnson and I think we both wanted to see the movie. So we sat and watched the movie, commenting on all the prophetic symbols and phrases. Neither one of us realized then how sick she was. After the movie was over, she went to rest in the bedroom and got constantly worse until we went to the ER in the snow that night. It’s hard to believe, still.

Anyway, watching the movie brought up some of those memories, at least initially. But the movie is so good, and Julia loved it so much also, it was just a good thing to remember as the last thing we really did together. God has given us freedom. We have freedom of choice. The freedom to love Him or not to love Him. We have the freedom to be whatever we choose to be. The most important phrase tonight was early on in the movie. “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.” This is so true, and so often, the older we get, the more we allow our mind to overrule our heart. I’m talking to young people this weekend in Utah. That is going to be one of my themes. Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.

Only if you follow your heart, will you ever live out your destiny. But sometimes it takes more courage than other times. My daughter Lisa made a decision with her heart this week. I am so proud of her for having the courage to follow her heart. Her job in Norfolk with the Coast Guard has been shifted, and she had to get another job. She had the opportunity to go somewhere that she really loves, back to Alaska, this time in Juneau. It took courage, and probably a willingness to lead with her heart. I’m so proud of her, I know it won’t be easy, but I just want her to live her dream, and find her destiny. I want to have the courage to follow my heart also. I know that my heart is free, and I must have the courage to follow it into some unknown areas as I move farther into 2011. After all, this is a year of change and transition. So my prayer is that Papa would give me the courage to follow my heart, because I know that He has given me freedom.

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