Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Today was another beautiful day. I think it got up to 64 this afternoon. 64 and sunny, that was great. I didn’t get a run in. I had too much to do this morning, but I did get an hour ride in on the Harley. It wa a great afternoon for a ride. I took the back roads up toward Cartersville and wound up at Altoona Dam. That road took me for a few miles along the Etowah river, It was a fun ride and I really enjoyed it. Now if I could only get a run and a ride in on the same day.

Well, it’s time to change gears, Kris Vallatton comes in tomorrow for the conference, so no matter how pretty it is, I won’t have tome to run or ride for the rest of the week. But that’s OK. I am looking forward to hearing everything that this man has to say. His wisdom on the age that we are living in is unbelievable, and his grasp of all that God is doing is something that I want to get, not only in my mind, but in my spirit.

So, tomorrow it starts at 2PM for the students and pastors. There is another session at 7. On Friday it starts at 12 with a pastors luncheon, then 2 and 7 again. Somewhere in the next two days I have to pack for three climates. Hilton head will be in the low 70’s; Salt lake will be in the low 40’s and Nicaragua will be in the low 90’s. I really only have two suitcases, so I think I will pack for Hilton Head and Nicaragua in the bigger bag and Salt Lake City in the smaller bag. At least I can wash clothes in Hilton Head.

I was just talking to Papa about what a beautiful day it was. He reminded me that really every day is a beautiful day. It just depends on your perspective. That is so true. We are given only one day at a time. If anyone should know that it should be me. When you think of each day as a gift, then every day really is beautiful. So, I acknowledged that He was right, and asked Him to remind me and help me see the beauty in each day. I really want to live from His perspective, and with Him, it is all beautiful.

I guess that we have a choice too. How are we, no how am I going to reflect God’s beauty today. You see, if He thinks that every day is beautiful, how much more does He see us as beautiful. If He made us, and He did, then we have purpose and destiny. Only as we fulfill our dreams in Him will we really reflect the totality of His beauty. The good news is this life is a marathon, not a sprint.

So if you got off to a slow start, it’s OK, you still have time to make up the distance. If you faltered in the middle, don’t worry there is still time. It’s not about beating someone else, it’s about running your race, the race He called YOU to run. You can’t compare, your race is different from anyone else’s. As you run, He sees the beauty He has created running and growing, just like He planned. He see, and He is pleased. So tomorrow is another beautiful day. Go, run your race, create even more beauty as you go. He is watching and pulling for you, and me.

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  1. When i read your blog i often think about a women's Bible study at Wesleyan Fellowship at the Union Hall location. Several women spoke and Julia brought in a big treadmill and walked on it through her entire talk.
    I hope to meet women like that at our new church in Salt Lake.
    Pauline Camp