Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Do We Carry?

Here’s a question for you. What is it that you carry as a believer that non-believers don’t carry? Probably that is not a question that most Christians ask themselves. But it is a question that we all need to ask ourselves if we are going to really make a difference here on earth. Most of the “Christians” in America would probably stop with the statement that “I’m saved and going to Heaven”. That’s a good first step, and it is the entryway into the Kingdom. But the Bible teaches us that there is so much more. We as believers are called to carry the Presence of God everywhere we go. I heard Bill Johnson say that we should think of God’s presence as if it were a dove on our shoulder. If there were a dove on our shoulder then every move we made would be made so that the dove wouldn’t fly off. So it is with His presence. It should so change us that we would always be reminded of who we are and why we are here.

Jesus commanded us to pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Have you ever thought of the power of those words. Jesus didn’t tell us to ask the Father to release His Kingdom. We are not to beg or plead to the God of Heaven to release His Kingdom. No, we were told to command “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done”. Think of the authority that Father God has given us. We were told that this is how we should pray. We declare, not plead. The Father is looking for a people that will begin to subdue the earth and replenish it. That was the command to Adam and Eve. As far as I can tell, that order hasn’t been rescinded yet.

Yet we in the church are walking like we don’t have any power or authority here on earth. Most of us are just waiting for the rapture to be taken away out of this evil place. Someday we will realize that Jesus isn’t coming back until the gospel of the Kingdom is preached to every people group. I love what Jack Taylor said to us a couple of weeks ago. He said that the gospel of the Kingdom hasn’t even been preached to most of the people in the US, let alone all the world. He’s right for too many years the church has focused on herself and getting people to come into the building rather than taking the message of the Kingdom of God out to the streets.

Yes, Salvation is the first step, yet salvation is only part of the gospel of the Kingdom. When our people realize that they carry the presence of God with them, and that where they go, they can release His presence and bring the Kingdom of God and it’s reality into any situation, then and only then will the church begin to be effective and begin to make a difference. Can you imagine a world where the Kingdom of God with its power and values were released in our stores, schools, businesses and through out the streets of our community. As it permeated through our nation and then the world, we would begin to see the solutions and v=creativity for even more solutions released. John Lennon’s song Imagine truly would come true, but not by any new age guru, but by the power and presence of the Kingdom, ready to usher in the true and risen King.

That’s a great picture to go to bed with. It’s late and I have another early morning. Tomorrow we all need to think about carrying His presence and commanding His Kingdom to come on earth in our situations.


  1. Thanks for your comment. I highly value insight, especially from someone with your credentials.