Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daring to Dream

"Only free people are powerful and only powerful people can dream. Hopelessness spreads toxic poison. It’s contagious. When dreams come true it is a tree of life." Danny Silk at Bethel Atlanta today " God has a dream and He wrapped your life around it." Lou Engle. Are you free? Are you powerful? Are you willing to believe in the dreams God has given you?

That was a taste of this morning’s message by Danny Silk. It was on dreaming and it hit me right between the eyes, especially after last night’s blog. Last night I talked about seasons and choices. What I didn’t talk about was dreams. As I began to think about what I wrote last night, I began wondering if maybe, just maybe I was afraid to really dream. I’ve had an assignment from my life coach at school for over a month. It’s on dreaming. I’ve given myself excuse after excuse for not doing it. I was really convicted today. Danny was talking about having to know our dreams before we can lay out a path to achieve them. Probably one of the reasons that I am struggling with decisions is that I haven’t taken the time to do these assignments. I’m of tomorrow and I hope to get a good start on them. To reach your dreams you have to go after goals along the way. If I can truly define my dreams, then I can set goals. Then the choices that I make will fall in line with what I need to do to see my dreams fulfilled.

I am free, and I am powerful. I know that, but sometimes it’s easier, or so it seems, to just stick your head in the sand and not press into things you know that you need to press into. Over the years I have determined that one of my main problems is that I have been a procrastinator. I don’t like to do things in a timely manner. I work better under pressure, and sometimes it seems that until I get the pressure of time, I tend not to complete the task. I’ve gotten much better over the years, but sometimes this tendency flows back into my habit patterns. You can only be powerful if you act. You are only free if you keep yourself from imposing your own chains. I really think that most of us are like the grown elephant, still chained to the tether that held him as a baby. We don’t realize the strength that we have. We don’t realize that we can just give a little tug and we can be free of that “chain” that keeps us tethered.

Sometimes it takes someone like a friend or a spouse to show us the truth. Sometimes we just learn it sovereignty from Holy Spirit. I think that is what Danny and Sheri Silk do so well. They make you laugh as they show you the lies that are keeping you from freedom. I am so blessed by their ministry and am so looking forward to hearing them for the next two nights. It’s going to be fun. But I am also looking forward to starting the work on my dreams tomorrow. I now realize the importance, and see the lie that has held me in suspense these past few weeks. I am going to have to make choices. And choices tend to upset people. In my heart I still have a tendency to avoid confrontation. Choices always bring some kind of confrontation. God is good, and I know that His grace will go before me as I make choices that align me with His destiny. After all, it’s His dream, and He has just wrapped my life around it to carry it out for Him. It’s going to be an interesting year as everything unfolds in His timing.

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