Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 358 - Preaching the Kingdom

Tonight we had a surprise guest at BASSM. Jack Taylor and his wife Freda were in town and agreed to come to speak to us. Jack came last year and it is always a pleasure to hear him speak. He is truly a father to fathers, definitely an apostle of our time. He is 77, and acts like he’s about 67. I was asking Lacy how old she thought Freda was and she thought she was around 61 or 62. It was definitely an age difference, although you could tell that they really loved each other. Freda is Jack’s 3rd wife. His first wife passed away after 43 years of marriage. He got married again around a year and a half after her death and his second wife died after only 21 months of marriage.

Jack talked on Revival and used the Lord’s Prayer as his basic text. It was a great talk and I would really liked to get the CD because that was too much to take notes on, but here are a few of his choice comments: Revival is the coming of the Kingdom. It should become a lifestyle. The coming of the Kingdom is genuine revival and it will never have to end. We shouldn’t be concerned about the second coming of Jesus until we know and understand fully what He came for the first time. Repentance is a changing of our mentality to line up with Kingdom truth. There are two types of churches in town. Those who honor the Holy Spirit and those who honor the church (grieving the Holy Spirit).

As you can see, he gave us a lot to think about and to meditate on. He challenged us to press deeply into God, and had us pray (if we dared) to give God permission to change every thought in our mind that didn’t line up with his thoughts. That’s a really dangerous prayer, but I prayed it wanting to align myself totally with the Kingdom of God. It was a great message and he talked about the Asbury Revival of 1970 and how it affected him and his church. It really stirred my heart and fanned my passion to see God move in my family and my community,

But before Jack started, Freda talked a little about how they met. She was a widow and for years had never wanted to get married again. One night on a mission trip she told God that she wanted to marry again only if she could find a man like him, with skin on. She wanted someone who wouldn’t distract her from her passion for God, but would share that passion. That really struck a note in my spirit. I think that I have almost said the same thing before, but it is clearer now. I don’t know whether I will ever marry again, I know that I don’t want just another wife. If I marry she will have to be a partner with an equal passion for the Lord, who wants to travel and minister all over the world as long as the Lord will let us.
I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I do want to be in perfect alignment with His thoughts. Tonight I think He set me up to look at some things differently.

It’s the second time that I have seen Jack since Julia died. The first time, last March, he prayed that I would find love and a partner like he did. I really wasn’t ready to receive that prayer. Tonight I just wanted to receive all that Papa had for me. I think that I did. It’s an exciting time we live in. Why no release Revival in Atlanta in 2011. If not now, when? If not us, who? I’m ready. I think that He is waiting for us.

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