Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reflections From Homestead

I’m sitting here at Starbucks on Camp Creek Parkway near the Airport. I have to be at work at 6PM. This is not my favorite time to work. I hate D periods, but I had to swap so that I could be at Homestead FL this weekend for the Sozo training. If you have read my previous posts, you know that that was a good time. But I just thought a time of quick reflection on all that went on would help me put things in proper perspective.

I really enjoyed staying and connecting with Russell and Kerry. They are truly pioneers and forerunners in the faith. The Homestead area has a gift from God in them. If revival happens in this area it will be because of their faithfulness. We meet a strong remnant of believers who are going after it in the Spirit, and see Sozo as a useful tool to transform the community. Even the church leadership seemed to be impressed by the ministry, and I pray that the breakthroughs that they had in the Spirit will continue and not be stifled by other events. I know that what we did this weekend was very needed, and helpful. My prayers are that it will be a catalyst to push them into revival.

I was sitting here asking Papa about Homestead and what was needed. What I got for an answer was this. “Look at the Land. That is the way the spiritual land is that needs to be taken. Now the land in Homestead consists of about six inches of topsoil on top of a solid coral reef. That coral reef goes a number of feet down and then you hit solid bedrock. It’s hard for anything to grow that isn’t planted deep by digging through the coral reef then planting and filling with topsoil After that it hast to be irrigated constantly and fertilized because there are no nutrients in the soil. When Russell went to plant his avocado grove he had to rent a power Auger. Pick and shovel wasn’t enough to dig out the holes necessary. Digging by hand just leads to frustration and fatigue. Once he got the grove planted he had to start irrigating and fertilizing the plants, otherwise they would have died.

So, why should I wonder that all the churches in Homestead are almost dead or dying? Every church down there has been using man’s methods, not Gods. They haven’t used power tools to dig the holes deep. They have been digging by hand, and they are tired and worn out. That’s why all the pastors and leaders are tired. Then when and if they do get the church planted, it begins to slowly die because it is not getting the water and fertilizer in the Spirit that it needs.

Homestead in the natural can look like a garden. That is if you do the things necessary to make it grow. But if you don’t, it could turn into a dessert. So, we know that God wants to move in Homestead. He wants the Kingdom expanded everywhere. That’s a no brainer. What is needed are the power tools of the Holy Spirit. First the spirit of a child, coming in just shear awe, wanting to see what all we did. Then we need His power. We can’t settle for less, no imitations. We have to cry out for more of Him, not to build with pride, but to We need the power tools of God; prophetic, healing, miracles, everything.

Next we need the fertilization of the word, but not the false gospel, but the gospel of the Kingdom. As the Kingdom is preached and began to be understood, the fertilizer of the word of God will begin to take effect on everything that has been planted. For the most part, the gospel of salvation and the message of the church has been released in Homestead. That is not enough. It’s all about the Kingdom. Some regions can look like they are thriving without the Kingdom message; not Homestead.

Lastly it needs to be watered in the Spirit. The rain and the river of the Holy Spirit are necessary to see Homestead thrive. But the Spirit can’t be controlled, and most pastors are afraid to release control, especially when times are hard economically. So, Homestead, what are you going to do?

One church alone can’t make a difference. This is a call to all of the remnant in all the churches in the area. It is a call to you who have cried out for years, waiting. If you rise up together in unity, the waiting can be over, Homestead can be taken for God. One man, one church can’t do it, but in unity, the remnant that God has place together can make a difference. So, what do you need to do? I can’t tell you that. Ask the Holy Spirit, think out of the box. He is destroying boxes this year.

You in many different churches need to come together and get past your differences and jealousies. It’s time to raise up “the church” in Homestead; the church that can pull the Kingdom of God down into the earth. It’s there, but it’s scattered. Arise and unite; it can be done, don’t get discouraged. Be encouraged. God is releasing power tools. He is providing the fertilizer and the water. He is just waiting for the manpower to get it done.

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