Monday, January 17, 2011

Five Days of Fasting

I don’t know about you, but I do not like fasting. There is a reason in the Bible why there are more feasts mentioned than fasts. I can fast, and I have fasted before. That’s not the issue. As Bud said tonight they should call it slow, because when you fast, the time seems to go by so slowly. RiverStone has called a five day fast. That’s not long. One time I went on a 40 day fast, but it was a Daniel fast. I’ve been on 21 day fasts and 7 day fasts. A 5 day fast should be easy, and it probably will be, once I get through the second day.

They say that fasting is supposed to put you in touch with God, but in reality, it normally puts me more in touch with my hunger. So, why are we fasting? I have to keep reminding that we are fasting to press into the nature of the Father. We are meeting corporately to pray at night. I don’t think we are fasting to try to change God’s mind about anything, because that would be the wrong reason. I think we are fasting to change our minds and the way that we do things. Now I can get excited about that.

I’m fasting solid foods. I’m juicing, eating soups and smoothies. I’m also drinking coffee. I’m not fasting coffee. Today I had V8 juice; Lattes and tomato soup. It will probably be the same tomorrow unless I find time to make a smoothie. I am really pressing into Papa for more of His heart for His people. No, that’s not about the church. His people are all people. It’s hard fasting when you live alone. Shoot, it’s hard cooking when you live alone too. In some ways it’s easier fasting because you don’t have to cook, but you have no accountability either. I guess that I have done pretty good since I have been home all day. Of course, it is just the first day. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Of course one of the side benefits of a fast is a little weight loss. I certainly can use that. Too bad I can’t lose it all in five days. Well, I guess I will have to keep my discipline after the fast. That’s another reason to fast is that it helps put the flesh under the Spirit. We definitely need to do that. So all in all I guess that this fast is a good thing and it is happening at the right time. I don’t think that I could have done it this time last year, but I can do it now. I guess the Vita Mix might get a workout. I wonder if you can juice a steak and baked potato? Just kidding.

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