Friday, January 21, 2011

If Not Now, When?

We met at RiverStone for the final time this week. It has been a good time of fasting and pressing into Papa’s heart. Tonight’s focus was on Revival. It was a great night. There was a tremendous testimony about how the Holy Spirit met and totally rocked our new church plant’s pastor and friend who is helping him plant the church. The testimony was basically how we use words like integrity and truth to sometimes hide our fear of one of the gifts that Holy Spirit wants to give us. It was right on target and so in season. I just listened in amazement in all that God did with them.

That testimony set up a prayer time where most everyone went forward and received prayer to receive more of the Holy Spirit and all of His gifts. It was a great time of prayer and just watching God move on people as they just were seeking more of Him. Then we worshiped some more and corporately prayed for revival and the end time harvest of souls. Tom did a great job of telling what revival was. It’s not a series of meetings at the church, but it is a move of God where we go out and the area is changed. It’s a time when we are used to heal the sick and pray for the lost. It’s a time when the gifts of the Holy Spirit are used in the marketplace and bring conviction. It’s a time when the presence of God is released in the community. It’s a time when the Kingdom of God does come down and it impacts the whole community. That’s what we are after. That is what I am giving the rest of my life to see.

As we were ending worship and were about to end the meeting Holy Spirit brought to my mind three questions. I felt impressed to go to Pastor Mark, who was leading the meeting, and tell him that these three questions were the ones that we were supposed to leave and meditate on. He had me give them and them close the meeting. I have heard the questions before, but I know that these were straight from the Father for us tonight. If not now, when? If not here, where? If not us, who? These are still echoing in my heart right now.

Revival is coming. No, revival is here, but most of the church is not looking. More people have been saved in the last 10 years than in the entire history of the world. We are seeing more miracles, healings and other evidences of the Kingdom of God than ever before. We are even finally seeing a lot of it in the US. More is on the way. So revival is coming, the question really is this: Are we going to get in on it. Are we willing to pay the price, and it is costly, to enter in. All it takes is one generation who is complete sold out and willing to pass it on to the next generation. When that happens, Jesus will be back riding on a white horse.

So the questions remain. If not now, When? I say it’s now. We are raising a generation of revivalist who are willing to pay any price to see it. They can be of any age; they are still in this generation. I can almost taste it. This is the time we were born to live in. It truly is a time such as this. If not here, where? It will happen somewhere, why not here. Papa is looking for a people and a area that will host His presence. Please let it be here. Finally, if not us, who? It will happen, I pray that I can be a part of it. I pray that our people will not miss what He wants to do with us. The Kingdom of God is costly. The next step in the Kingdom cost you everything you have gained to date, It cost you your life. I want to be willing. I want to be used. Father, tonight my cry is that you would make me even more willing. Surround me with your love so that I cam be overcome with your love and drawn deep into your presence. A man deeply in love will do anything for his lover. Make me that man. I want to see revival in this generation. Let it be now, here, us.

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