Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So many times we take for granted what it means to have friends. In today’s world, we so often wind up so focused on our work and family that we really don’t have time or take the time to develop and keep friends. How many friends do you have? I mean really good friends, friends that you know would do anything to help in your time of need. I bet most of us would not count many. Sure we have many acquaintances. People we hang out with and people we occasionally go out with. But true friends are rare. So if you have say 4 – 6 you can consider yourself a wealthy person.

Most of the time as we were raising our girls, we didn’t have time for friends. We had then, and had the opportunity to maintain them, but they weren’t a priority. That was a bad mistake, and later in life we realized that. So over the last 10 years we made it a priority to strengthen and maintain friendships. So during the last ten years or so our friends, true friends have increased. I am truly blessed; I have probably double that number. Of course, like everything there are degrees of closeness. But I know of 10 or 12 people, maybe more, that would do anything I asked if there were a great need.

Of course Julia was my closest friend, someone who I could share anything with. Now that she is gone, I realize how blessed I am. I still have so many friends, and I am making more. Being single I realize even more the importance of keeping friends close. You have to have someone to hang out with, someone to laugh and cry with. It is not good to be alone all the time. I guess one of the things I need to start praying over my children is that they will meet some true friends. I know that they are both I strange cities and it is hard to break through for both of them.

Tonight I went over to Bud and Cathy’s to celebrate Bud’s birthday with some other friends. I was with John and Biddie and then Doug and Sharleen and Christina were there too. It was just a fun time; a time of celebration and joy. We had hamburgers, nothing elaborate. But as we were sharing stories I realized that we were doing just what Papa wanted. We were living life and sharing our hearts. That’s how friends are made and maintained. Of course I know John, Biddie, Bud and Cathy very well. They are for of my best friends. But it is fun getting to know Doug, Sharleen and Christina better. Each one of them is very interesting and fun to be around. It was just a good night away from work and school.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Homestead FL. I will be with more friends, friends from here in the Atlanta area and my good friends Russell and Kerry from Homestead. We will be doing sozos all day Friday and Saturday. There will be some evening meetings as well. It will be a busy time, but there will be time to build and strengthen friendships. I think that’s what the Kingdom is all about. We are all to be in relationship. How can you be in relationship without developing friends? So, I encourage you; take the time, even if you have to sacrifice something else. Don’t take your friends for granted. Nurture your relationships and make new ones. If you do this, you will truly be a wealthy person.

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