Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pressing In

I’m sitting here by the fireplace tonight. It’s good not to have to get up so early in the morning. But I still have to go to work tomorrow afternoon. I didn’t really get a lot done today. I got home from work around 11:30. But I have been moving slow all day. I guess it’s a combination of the fast and not much sleep. I did get out for a ride on my Harley. It was a short ride, about 30 minutes. It’s too cold to do anything longer, at least for me.

I’m reading a book for school called the Ecstasies of Loving God. It’s by John Crowder and it’s well written. It’s all about the mystical side of God; trances and other manifestations. He goes into a lot of church history over the years, especially dealing with the mystics of the past. It’s very interesting and enlightening to really know what went on in the past. If you know what has happened, then you have a grid when things happen that you haven’t seen before. It really makes me just want to fall deeper in love with God and learn to spend time with Him at a deeper level.

Then Last night a dear friend gave me a CD from Graham Cooke on prophetic soaking in His presence and pressing in to love Him more. I think that Holy Spirit is calling me deeper into the presence of God. I just want to know Him and really understand His love. Even as I say this, I know that the only thing stopping me from reaching this goal is myself. I just have to schedule time. I think this is the season, so I have to press into His love so much more. So I guess this is a season of pressing in for more of His love.

So what does destiny look like? We were talking about living in the now. Sure, you need to plan and go after your destiny, but what does that really look like and can you get so focused on it that you forget to enjoy today. I felt last night at school that Papa told me that I was living out my destiny right now, and it would only grow if I kept my focus on the now, with my gaze on the future. Notice that there was no looking back at the past. So I am pressing in. Pressing in on at least two levels. First, I’m pressing into a more intimate place and time with Papa. I want to feel His love. I really would like to experience more of the mystical ecstasies of His love. I am reaching a point where I just want to be with Him to be with Him, and experience His love. Second, I am pressing into the now. I want to enjoy His presence and love now, not later in the future when I reach my destiny. My destiny is tied up with what I do now, and it’s funny, but this too is tied up in seeking after Him and His love at all cost. This is not a new revelation, but it is stronger than I think it has ever been.

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