Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jumping out of Planes

Most pilots that I know think that it is stupid to ever want to jump out of a perfectly good plane. Planes are great. They all have their function. Some are built to carry passengers; others are built as fighters to shoot down other planes. Then there are planes that are made to bomb and others to carry cargo. Every plane has it’s own purpose. You can’t make a passenger plane a fighter. Don’t even try; it would just get shot down very quickly. I love planes. I have flown or instructed in them for over 40 years. But they are just an extension of my will.

Jumping out of a plane is a whole other story. I’ve done that once, but I really want to do it more. It is high up on my dream list. Skydiving. I think that would be a great thrill. The difference between flying a plane and jumping out of one is like night and day. There is really no comparison. I wasn’t even skydiving. I was on a static line learning how to sky dive. Sure, it was a steerable chute, and I was able to guide it to a landing. I believe it was in the mid seventies and I was taking my first actual jump in my skydiving lessons. I can still remember crawling out onto the strut if the wing and holding on as the air rushed around me. I can remember being petrified about letting go and then the rush and ecstasy of the fall and then the lurch when the chute opened. I remember looking at the mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side. It was magnificent. I can remember guiding my chute through the wind currents to make sure I landed in the proper place. It is as if it were yesterday. But it is yesterday in a sense. I’ve been in ministry for years but over the years that ministry has become like flying the plane. It get the job done, and it does what it is supposed to do, but it’s not exciting or really adventurous.

John Crowder in hid book talked of Papa releasing Kamikaze ministers. These people were falling out of the sky, diving into areas where captives were being held. I see these warriors like skydivers, not falling randomly, but being driven and aiming at specific targets. Each one was totally free to take the mission, and once launched was free to make sure that they reached the destination. If you look up in the sky you will see the sky full of them. In world war two, the Japanese used them to strike fear into the navy and take resources away from other areas. Kamikaze in Japanese means Divine Wind. God is redeeming that name and is going to use it to release warriors full on the Holy Spirit to go after targets all over the earth.

So this brings me to last night’s dream. It started and I was in a plane. It was a plane full of people. It looked like a commercial jet, very big with lots of people. All of a sudden I had jumped out of it. I was falling; enjoying the wind in my face when I realized that I didn’t have a parachute. At first I was very scared, but then I heard the words, “Just Fly”, so I did. I found that I didn’t need the parachute. The chute was manmade, and I was doing something totally in the Spirit. As I got close to the ground I realized that I was going b=very fast, but it didn’t matter. It was if I knew exactly what move to make to make my body do things that I didn’t know I could do. The next thing I knew, I was landing perfectly on the ground, perfectly in a three point stance, right on the target. It was an awesome and amazing feeling. The ecstasy of flying in the Spirit.

But then I looked up, and all the people on the lane had jumped out. They were all over the sky and not understanding how to fly. I began to help them all hit the target. I was teaching them how to move and fly. I was instructing them with hands on lessons. I was doing what I have been called to do. They say in the spiritual as in the natural. It’s no mistake that I am a “flight instructor” in the natural. I see now that Papa is calling me to be a “flight instructor” in the spiritual as well. I am going to teach multitudes how to soar in the Spirit. It’s an important job because the Planes will not be able to get everyone where they are supposed to go. It’s going to take the “Divine Wind” or the Holy Spirit to scatter all the warriors where He is calling us to go. It’s exciting, and I am ready to start.

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