Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Foretaste of Spring

It was such a beautiful afternoon. I worked this morning. I actually swapped a B period for an A period because I knew that the weather was going to be great. It didn’t disappoint. Sunny and 64 degrees, not that is great for January. I do think it’s the best weather we have had since before Christmas. I know that it is the best since I got back from Hilton Head. It is good to live in Atlanta. If we were farther north, we would still be having cold weather. I was working with a couple of pilots from the New York area and they were telling me horror stories about all the snow. Of course I could be in Ft Lauderdale with my daughter, I know the weather is good there, but it’s too hot in the summer. No, I think I will take Atlanta. But hopefully all the snow is over with. It sure would be nice to have an early spring.

I was reading Proverbs this morning. There is so much wisdom in that book. It is so rich that it almost drips. Then I hear from Lisa where some idiot in Trader Joes was using Proverbs to justify almost abusing his child. A father, full of anger, is using the Bible to justify his anger. The world needs so much to see and understand the goodness of God. How can that child ever learn to really know the truth about his Heavenly Father? There has to be a way to release His love. A platform where people can learn and understand who God really is, and know the truth about His character. Maybe it’s just one person at a time, but there has to be a more efficient way.

I did order Andy Stanley’s book “Visioneering”. Amazon says that I should get it on Monday. So, when I came home from school Monday night it should be here. That’s great, because I really want to read it as soon as possible. I was talking with Jennifer tonight and she thought that I would have bought it today. I have found that for most books, I can order them on Amazon and get them quicker than if I tried to make time to go to the bookstore. It’s amazing how shopping has changed because of the Internet. Anyway, it will be here soon. It’s really hard to find the time to read an extra book during school, but I hope to make some progress on it.

There are two conflicting thoughts going on in my mind tonight. First, after my run today, I realize just how out of shape that I’ve gotten. It seems like much of my motivation has disappeared this year. I attribute most of that to the grief and feeling of lifelessness that sometimes tries to overtake me. I have to take authority over that, and press into more exercise and running. I know that this is the answer, but I just need to make it a priority. The second is how free and peaceful I felt this afternoon when I was riding my Harley. Just having the wind and sun in my face, and hearing the bike as it pushed down the road. That was an experience to remember. It really does bring a kind of freedom. I’ve always enjoyed my Miata with the top down, but this takes it all to another new level.

Tomorrow is a long day. First I have an A period at work, so I have to get up around 3AM. Then I’m going over to Bethel Atlanta for church. It’s sl close I can make it right after work. Then I have lunch with a friend and on to outreach at Little Five Points. So I probably won’t be home until after 6PM. It’s definitely going to be a long day, but it will be a good day. So, I guess it’s tome to get ready for bed and call it a night.

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