Friday, January 28, 2011


If you could write the next chapter of your life, how would you start? Where would you begin? Last night I said that I felt that I was entering a new chapter. I am entering into that new chapter, but Papa says that I have to write it. I have an opportunity that few people are ever given. I have had a wonderful life. I had over 38 years with a wonderful woman; a great family with two wonderful daughters and four awesome granddaughters.

But here is a new chapter. When you change chapters, you usually change the subject. It can parallel the past or be something totally different. How will it play out? What will be the focus? What things and ideas do I focus on? What kind of personal relationships do I develop? Do I go after a partner, someone with a similar vision to walk with and share my life with, or do I stay single and totally focus on the mission? For that matter, what is the mission? As you can see, I am full of questions. I have to answer these because I have been given a great gift. I really felt Papa tell me that what ever I went after, He would give me what I wanted. So that makes every decision, every move that much more important. I cannot take anything for granted, and I am really seeking His heart before I move in any direction.

I haven’t read Andy Stanley’s book on Visioneering, but I think that I am about to. In the forward it says this: “Vision is a preferred future, a destination. Vision always stands in contrast to the world as it is, vision demands change. But a vision always requires someone to champion the cause. That someone is you.” Wow, that says a lot. In a coupe of sentences, he summarized what I was thinking about tonight. Vision does demand change. My situation demands change. I really need vision. I am learning more about myself, but I need to learn more about His vision for me. I can create a vision, and I know that much of my heart is His heart, but I want the best. I really want His vision for my life. I want to burn out, full of the Holy Spirit, ablaze with His glory when my time ends.

I see change coming quickly; too quickly for some of my friends to understand. What I don’t want to do is what I did in the past, just leave people in my wake as I totally changed course. But even as I write this, I know some are going to wonder what is going on. Here is the truth: I don’t know yet! I have no plans to change anything, I just know in my spirit that change is coming and is inevitable. I’m sitting here by the fire. I love this house, I really do. We made this house to be as comfortable as we could afford, but Julia said something prophetic when we moved in. She called this house our home base. She said that it would be a place to come back to and feel comfortable in, but we would be gone, traveling out most of the time. That was true when she was alive, but it is even truer now.

Just in February, I will be gone over half the month. That’s not even visiting my kids. So, in March I need to visit them. No, as I write my vision, I know that I will be traveling; it’s nice to have a comfortable home base. I do know this; my ministry is shifting. It has to because I’m no longer yoked with Julia and together we had a ministry. Now, I must find my own. I must hear Papa and follow my heart as He leads me. Yes, I really do need to get that book, too bad it isn’t in Kindle ebooks.

Well, it’s late, and I have an early morning tomorrow. It’s going to be a beautiful day. I want to run when I get home and then maybe take the Harley out for a spin. 63 degrees, I can’t wait.

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