Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 340 - Presents Wrapped

Last night was supposed to be Dinner and a Movie night, but the ice made us change plans. It really wasn’t supposed to ice up, but you know the truth. If a weatherman is moving his lips he is probably lying. Seriously, I know that ice events in Atlanta are really hard to predict, and so I will give them a little slack. But it began to start icing around 4PM. It wasn’t bad, and it was barely drizzling, but the ground was so cold that it started icing before anyone could realize it. So instead of dinner and a movie, we went to a BBQ place. I had beef brisket and Brunswick stew. The stew was pretty good for a restaurant. I still didn’t compare to my dad’s stew. His is probably the best I have ever had, and has spoiled me to any other stew. We ate at 6 and the roads were already getting icy. We finished about 7:20 and we all went home. At that time the traffic was terrible, but the roads were still passable. Driveways were another matter. As I pulled into my driveway, I opened the garage door, hoping to make it into the garage. But I had no idea how much ice had accumulated in the driveway.

My neighbor across the street parks one of his cars in the street most of the time. It’s right by my driveway and I have to be very careful backing out so that I don’t hit his car. You could say that this bothers me a little. Last night it bothered me a lot. Because of where that car was I couldn’t get a wide turn to enter the driveway and keep my momentum going up the hill. This caused me to lose traction on the ice about half way up the hill. No problem, I thought, I’ll just park here until morning. But then the car started to slide. I was sliding down the hill toward the road and the parked car. It was also sliding sideways, trying to turn. I though sure that I was about to knock down my mailbox and then hit the car. I was doing everything I new to keep it going straight, but the driveway is not straight and it was following the contour of the hill. Then it stopped. The front wheel had gone off the pavement into the grass getting enough traction to stop with the brakes on. Thank you Papa. My prayers were answered.

So it was a good thing that we cancelled the movie last night. The roads got progressively worse and there were over 1000 wrecks in the metro area. I’m glad it wasn’t 1001. But that left me in a dilemma. Biddie and Cathy were going to wrap my Christmas presents. I have completed my shopping, but I am not good at all when it comes to wrapping presents, So they didn’t get to wrap them last night. Well Biddie and John came over and Biddie wrapped them. So, now all I have to do is to complete my packing. That is a pretty big task in itself. I’ve started, but the most will be done tomorrow.

It really feels good to have all the packages wrapped. It feels more like Christmas. I have the Christmas tree and the decorations in the Envoy already. My plan is to get the tree up before the kids get there and then to decorate once all the Granddaughters arrive. It will be fun to decorate it together. I probably don’t have all the decorations, but I will have enough to make it special for all of us.

Lisa sent me an email today giving me a list of what to being. I’v got most of that out and ready to pack. Tomorrow will be a day of preperation although I have to go to my Chiropractor in the middle of the day. So, here I am, sitting by the fire, listening to Bing Crosby dreaming of Christmas at the beach. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I plan on making it a special day as well.

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