Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 326 - The Glory Womb

Outside it was an overcast, rainy day most of the day in Redding. We started off with breakfast at the River House and we had to be at Bethel by 9:30. We got there early enough for a coffee at He Brews, the Bethel coffee shop, and then we met in the hallway with the intercessors. They gave us a rundown on what would take place for the next two and a half hours. They said we would be going into “the glory womb”.

The glory womb was a place where we would soak and allow Holy Spirit to do what ever was needed in our lives. It wasn’t a time of prayer or bible reading. We were not to take notes or try to make something happen. Our one objective was to rest in His presence and allow Him to do what ever He desired in our lives. The room was set up with a gold ceiling, representing the glory of God. The floor was covered with gold and white cloth and the outside was surrounded with blue cloth, representing the river of God flowing from the throne room. There were golden ropes hanging from the ceiling representing umbilical cords that we could grab onto and feel more of Hid presence. Then at the last half hour, the intercessors were going to come around and anoint us with different fragrances, representing the fragrances of God that we carry with us at all times. It sounded fantastic, but it was very different than it had been last year. But it is always different; God is always doing new things. The head intercessor said that we might get a word, but they really didn’t give prophetic words anymore. It’s all about His presence. They were the builder that built what He wanted to release and impart. Today He wanted to make all things new.

As I walked into the room, I could feel God’s presence. It was very strong. I found a pillow and layed down on the gold cloth and just began to allow His presence to wash over me. The first thing that came to my mind was the phrase that Mary told the Angel when He told her she was going to be with child. “Do it unto me according to your word”. I just wanted Holy Spirit top have His way in my life without me having to do anything. Almost immediately I began to see my chest being cut open. Iit was cut open and pulled apart and then I saw two big hands go into my chest and pull out my heart. They began to massage my heart and make it more pliable and soft as they continued to massage it. I knew that this massaging was bringing healing to my heart. I was lying on my back on the floor and I began to quietly cry. It wasn’t painful, but tears were gently rolling down both my cheeks as I allowed Holy Spirit to bring healing and flexibility to my hard heart. This must have gone on for over thirty minutes. The longer it went on, the more relaxed I became. I never went to sleep, but I just lay there in His presence.

I lay on my back for about an hour and a half and then I sat up. I was still just resting in His presence for the next thirty minutes, until we had to stand up for the last part. The smells were wonderful. Different intercessors had different fragrances, and as they went from person to person, they all began to intermingle. I was still so relaxed, but I knew that I had been touched. Nothing the rest of the day could get me out of that place of rest.

The afternoon was great, more impartation from the sozo team at Redding. We went to supper ath the Cattleman’s steak house, and Kelley Smith joined us for dinner. It was great to see her and hang with her a little. Kelley is one of my favorite people, and I have really missed her since she left RiverStone. We got to catch up on all that was going on, and we split a meal for tow. The steak was excellent, and I am glad that we did the meal. We both got dessert too, and I shared mine with the table. I was totally stuffed.

Tonight Steven DeSilva spoke. I am totally amazed every time I come here. It doesn’t matter who speaks, ther is so much wisdom and grace that flows from them. Kelly stayed and then went back to the River House with us after the meeting. We were just talking about all that God was doing. Ben, Kerri, Kelley and me prabally talked two hours after we got back. It’s always good to debrief afer a mission, and we definitely had a lot to talk about. Tomorrow we have more workshops and then we attend the evening services this Friday. Time is passing fast. Satursay morning is coming fast. I am so glad that I came, if for no other reason than this morning. It is really great when you have to get refreshed and encouraged. I wish all my friends could come here if they ever get the chance.

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