Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 325 - Apple's River House

It’s 11:13PM Pacific Standard time, and I am sitting down stairs in the living area at my favorite Bed and Breakfast. If memory serves me right this is at least the 5th time that I have stayed here. Julia and I found this place the first time that we came to Redding together. I had come with Tom and Mark for a leadership retreat and we had stayed at a hotel. But the first time I brought Julia up here, I wanted to make it special and I researched all the Bed and Breakfast inns and decided on this one. It was a good decision. Ric and Connie Apple have a wonderful place, and are great hosts. I feel at home every time I come here, and I have grown to think of Ric and Conie as good friends.

It’s strange, being here without Julia. I did stay here one other time without her. I came to the school of the Prophets in Aug 2008 without her. So it’s not like I haven’t been here alone before. I’m not alone now. Ben and Kerri Barfield are with me. They are an amazing couple and it’s been fun hanging out with them all day. But I still miss Julia. She loved this place. I knew the first time I saw her here that I had made a good choice on where to stay. The more we came here, the more she liked it. We were here just last November. It was us, Terry and Patty and Ben and Kerri. We had all the rooms and it was a great time.

Tonight, we were sitting in the living area where we spent so much time together last year. We were just talking about life, ministry and balance. All three are important in their own way. Time just slipped away and here I am, almost 2:30 Eastern time, still up. The sozo summit started off with a bang. We got to the building just in time to hear Danny Silk answer questions and speak for almost two hours. He has such wisdom. To hear him is to just marvel at the wisdom and insight that he has.

I’m sitting here now in the same area that last year we were all excited about what God was doing. How was I to know that in almost two months Julia would be dead? It’s hard to understand and imagine. Never would I have thought such a thing. But this one thing I know: God is good, and His mercy endures forever. I know this: God didn’t cause Julia’s death, and God wants us to continue to press into healing and health. I know that I am going to reap divine justice for Julia’s death and ther will be healings and victories over the enemy in order to receive retribution.

Tomorrow we have the morning with the intercessors. I’m really looking forward to that time. I pray that God will really show up and minister to the loneliness that I feel tonight without Julia. He is good, and He will provide for us. It’s time to go to sleep.

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