Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 337 - Laughing at Lies

Tonight was a special night at school. It was a night where our second year class hosted the first year. We gave the party and they came to it; literally. We set up different stations in the room, and they came through a fire tunnel into the room and then we hosted to stations. There were many stations. I know there was a foot washing and massage station, a hand massage station, a prophetic art station, a communion station. They each were given a gift and the prophetic words that we had written out for them. There were also prophetic stations where they could line up and get words. Then there was the laughing Station. That was my station. Joseph, Rebecca, Jason and myself manned the station along with two “tickle me Elmo”s.

I don’t know if it was the most popular station, but I do know it was the loudest. You have to realize that Joy is a third of the Kingdom. The average child laughs 400 times a day. But the time they are adults they only laugh 15 times a day. Obviously we are way to serious. Jesus told us to come to Him as children. Don’t you think it might mean we need to laugh a little bit more. Well, that’s what we were trying to get the students to do tonight. I think we succeeded with those who chose to come to our station. I do know this, I laughed almost constantly for over two hours. That’s hard to do, and I was happy when we were through. In fact I laughed about it.

OK, so what did we laugh about? We laughed about the lies that we tend to believe. Things that aren’t true, but we have spent years believing them. For example we laughed about this: “ You have to work hard to gain your inheritance in the Kingdom”. HA HA! We also laughed about this: “I’m to sick to get healed” HA HA! There were many, many more lies, but you get the idea. The only way to laugh for tow hours is to stay drunk in the Spirit, and I had a dream team for that. We constantly were stirring each other up laughing at and with each other.

The night ended with an hour of worship and it was great. So it was a very good night overall. I hope that the first year students had as much fun as we did. I know that for us last year, it was a very important time.

It was just so cold this morning that I took the envoy. I think I will take it again tomorrow. It is a much warmer car than the Miata when it gets this cold. Work went well and I do it again for the next two days. It will be colder tomorrow morning, then hopefully it will warm up. I’m still counting the days down until I leave for Hilton Head. I am really missing the kids. I’m so glad that we are going to be together. Well, it’s late, and I need some sleep. Too bad the bed is so cold when I get in it. The good news is that it warms up fast.

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