Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 327 - Friday Night at Bethel

Today was a great day. It didn’t seem too busy, but it really was. We had two workshops and then we had the Friday evening service at Bethel. So we started at 10AM and basically finished at 10PM. Last year Julia and I were here at the Summit with Ben and Kerri along with Terry and Patty. It was fun, but they really didn’t do a great job on the summit. I was concerned this year that I might be wasting my time coming out. I wanted to come out to be here at the church no matter how the summit was. But I was totally wrong. The summit this year was very good. Everything that they did was better than last year.

Today we had a breakout session on Shabar, which is another advanced tool. Teresa did the training and it was excellent. She was concise and answered questions very well. We learned how to integrate this tool into a regular Sozo. She was still herself, nothing will change who we are, but she did an excellent job presenting the material and sharing her heart. That was good and combined with what we had on Wed and Thursday, it just topped the whole thing off.

For the second session this afternoon, I wanted to go to the prophetic workshop with one of my favorite people, Faith Blatchford. But I relay felt impressed by Holy Spirit to go to the prison Ministry breakout instead. I was intrigued when I heard that the person leading this session was doing group sozos and having great results. I wanted to learn all that I could because I have been sensing that God wants me to begin to do these group sessions as I develop “A Company of Fathers”. I wanted to learn as much as I could. I wasn’t disappointed. I took a lot of notes, but it has to be totally led by the Spirit, and I can see where I’m just going to have to step out in faith the first few times I do this. It will be like walking a tightrope for the first time without a net. If you fall, you will definitely crash and burn.

Tonight we went to the Friday evening service at Bethel. We found out that Steve and Wendy Backland were going to be speaking. I was excited because Steve and Wendy had been to BASSM last year, and they were great. I knew that we were in for a fun night with Holy Spirit. To top it off, Kelley had some friends save us seats on the second row right behind the staff. I have never had such good seats at Bethel before. As worship started, I could almost see Julia. I hadn’t been to s service here without her, and I just missed her terribly. It was such a sudden rush, then the worship team played “Love Came Down” and I really missed her. But the version was in such an upbeat tempo that I began to focus on Holy Spirit and Jesus rather than Julia and all of a sudden. I was in His presence worshiping.

I’m getting ready for bed; we leave tomorrow. It’s been a quick week, and I am pretty tired from all the traveling over the past 10 days, but I am so glad that I came. I believe that God is giving me keys to the future, and being here helped me more than I realized it would. Tomorrow night I will be back home. It will be fun.

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