Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 41 - Hint of Spring

Wow, it reached 65 degrees in Mobile today. I was able to run outside for the fourth day in a row. But this was different. It was warm. I ran in a short sleeve shirt, and was sweating after a mile. The four-mile run felt good. While I was running Lisa and the girls were taking a walk. I got back before they did and sat in the sun out in the back. It sure did feel good. I probably sat reading outside for an hour. Then they all got back and my afternoon got busy. I got to push Anna in her swing outside, and played with her for a while. It was fun, and nice to stay outside.
Lisa has wanted to run, but it’s hard with two children. She gets to sometimes, but she has been looking for a double stroller for running. That’s basically what we gave her for Christmas, and she has been researching it for months. She ordered it last week, and it arrived today. It is a BOB twin stroller. The reviews are excellent and it looks very good. So I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening doing the “some assembly required” thing. In reality it wasn’t that hard. At least the basin stroller wasn’t hard. I also had to assemble the “infant seat adapter”. This is so Julia Anne can ride along in her car seat. Not that part was a challenge. Well, it’s together, and all parts are working properly. That’s a major miracle! I’m glad I was there to help. I have really had a good time these past four days. It’s hard to believe I have to leave tomorrow. Being with all of them has been fun, but this time with Anna has been priceless. It probably has a lot to do with her age. At three, she is just becoming aware of so much. She is so open and so inquisitive. She is also very loving. I’m definitely going to miss her. Julia Anne is growing so much. She is bigger than she was, and she can either be very peaceful, or very angry. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. Lisa is an awesome mom. And my hat is off to her for all she does. I know that I got tired just watching.
So it’s back to Georgia tomorrow. I work and have school on Monday. I hope it stays warm at home. I know I rested this week, but I still feel tired. Last night as I lay in bed just before I went to sleep I was thinking about Julia. I imagined that she was at total peace, not tired or stressed about anything. I wondered how that would feel. I know that I rest in the Holy Spirit, but I also know that I am extremely busy most of the time. So I was lying in bed thinking how good it would feel to be with Julia in Heaven right now. I rested in that thought just for a little while. Immediately another thought came to me. No, not yet. It’s not time. You are here for your family, and to do the work of the Kingdom. You can rest with Julia forever, but not right now. I knew that was the Holy Spirit bringing me back to where I needed to be. So I just asked Jesus to come and I rested with Him until I fell asleep. I know that to some of you this might seem weird, but for me right now it is the most real thing in my life. I have to dial down from either the busyness of my schedule, or the grief that I feel, and allow myself to rest in the intimacy of my relationship with Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Right now, it seems like I’m spending more time with Jesus, although I know that many times it’s Holy Spirit who brings me to him. I really have no idea how anyone who doesn’t have a strong relationship with the Godhead can get through something like this. I am just thankful; that I know and dwell in the goodness of God.

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