Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 32 - Decisions Decisions

It’s been a long day. I was up at 3AM to be at work at 5AM. The good news about being at work at 5AM is that I’m done around 10:30AM. Then I was off to the church to see Terry and talk about Sozo and Healing Prayer training. I got home around noon and ate some brunch. Then I went to the Y to run out of the cold. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the lesson for tonight’s cell meeting. I had supper with the Steeds at 5:15, than got to the church for cell at 6:45.

Cell tonight was really good. It is great when the Holy Spirit shows up. I felt that the teaching was well received, and worship was great. It’s good to see the prophetic come forth in a corporate setting. After worship and some corporate words we divided up into a men’s and women’s group for ministry. We prayed for one another with power and boldness. I don’t see how people can go to a small group and not lay hands on each other for prayer and impartation. God moves when you step out and risk. It’s time we allow him to move in our lives and in our small groups. What is a small group for? It’s a place to be real, to minister to each other’s needs. It’s a place where the Holy Spirit releases gifts and allows us to participate in the process. What a privileged. It’s a real shame when small groups for some reason or another don’t allow the Spirit to move. The days of Prayer Request went away long ago. Julia and I have been leading small groups for over 28 years. I don’t think we have taken prayer request in at least 27 years. We need each other. We need Jesus with “skin on”. There is so much we can do, if we only will open up and risk being vulnerable.

During the afternoon before I left for cell I had to make some hard decisions. First, my older daughter Jennifer, who lives in Ft Lauderdale, was going to see my younger daughter Lisa in Mobile AL this weekend. I had her flying standby tomorrow morning. Everything was looking good until the magic weather word started being bandied about. SNOW was coming to the south. Snow is the bane of all transportation. One inch, even the threat of one inch can paralyze Atlanta, close schools and worst of all, cancel airline flights. All of a sudden I had to see if I could coordinate getting Jennifer to mobile ahead of the snow. I worked it out with Lisa and Jennifer. I changed the reservations. It was looking like she was going to get there. Everything was looking good, until Delta started canceling flights. It was late and I was about to leave. Jennifer was scheduled to get on the 8PM flight to Atlanta, and then catch a 10:50 flight to Mobile. For some reason, I was prompted to check the flights once again. What had looked good an hour ago was now total chaos. Jennifer could get to Atlanta, but would never get to Mobile. What had happened? Delta had canceled almost every flight from Atlanta to Mobile for tomorrow. In fact they had cancelled over 800 flights including half of the flights from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale. Jennifer could get to Atlanta, but she wouldn’t get to Mobile, and she wouldn’t be able to get back to Ft Lauderdale either. Reluctantly I called both Lisa and Jennifer. I told Jennifer her best move was to stay home. I knew that both of them were really looking forward to seeing each other. I really felt bad. I know it is not my fault, but it feels like it is.

We have Sozo appointments every Friday night at 6:30. Tomorrow night we have 6 sozos scheduled. That means we have 6 people driving in to have a sozo, and at least 12, maybe up to 18 people on the teams driving in to give the sozos. So that is up to 24 people who would be driving in to the church for this ministry. Snow and driving in the south just don’t mix. Who knows we may not have any accumulation here, but we have to think of the safety of the people involved. So reluctantly I made the decision to go ahead and cancel all the sozos for this Friday night. I really hated to do it, but the decision needed to be made, so after prayer and looking at all the options, the sozos are cancelled.

Snow, I used to love it when it snowed. It was great to take the kids out and play. It was good to be out of school. Now it’s not so much fun. Well I did make the obligatory stop at Publix tonight to stock up incase it really does snow. I’ll make a big pot of homemade vegetable soup, light the fire and watch movies. It might be a good day for a Lord of the Rings marathon. I wish Julia was going to be here with me. She is here, but I wish she had skin on. Well I do know this, even as I miss her tonight, and will miss her tomorrow. God is good, and He is in a good mood. I’m His son, and He will be with me to talk to and hang out with. Enjoy the snow!!


  1. Dad, I know what you mean about not liking the snow as much as before! I remember all of us playing out in the snow together, the many times Mom cleaned up after getting Lisa & I bundled up to go out for maybe 5 minutes. She would clean everything and then less than 2-3 hours later we would want to do the whole process over again!!! Wow! That makes me tired just thinking about it. Dad, please don't feel like it is your fault w/ the airlines & weather. If it weren't for you we wouldn't even have the priviledge of hopping on a flight to see eachother!
    I love you!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with having flying privileges at Delta. I love having the ability to fly (even though I don't have a flight pass card, Chuck's co-workers from the 311 give us whatever we need now). I hate being at the mercy of stand by and weather. I must say that a favorite moment for me was when we lived in Mexico and I had our 3rd child and as soon as my father-in-law heard the news, he was at the airport ready to come down.

    I now refer to you as "Tom" to my husband and he knows exactly to whom I am referring. I read excerpts of your blog to him and together we are always amazed at the wisdom that you have through this difficult time in your life. Still praying!

  3. I guess I should clarify that I don't have to say, "Tom, you know, my friend Lisa's Dad"? That's what I mean by just referring to you by your first name. :-D