Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Gym

I hope that I actually go to the gym more than I went to the Y last year.  What is it that makes us want to join something, and then we wind up not going.  I’m not sure, but today I went exploring Peachtree City for fitness centers.  My goal is to keep it into a one or two mile radius from the house.  From experience I know that the farther it is that I have to drive, the more likely it is that I will not go.  So, I picked out the first two to check out. 

The first one was Ultimate Fitness.  It was probably the closest by about .3 miles, so I was hoping that it would have everything that we need.  I liked it because I could ride the golf cart to it pretty easily.  The pros were that it was open 24 hours a day, and that it was close.  Everything else was a negative.  When you are used to the West Cobb Y, you get spoiled in what you are looking for.  This place was very run down and the equipment was not up to my expectations.  So, even though the price was right, I knew that it wouldn’t work. 

I went to the next place; World Gym, not knowing what to expect.  I knew that there was another World Gym a few miles farther from the house in the opposite direction.  I had seen a World Gym in Marietta, and was not impressed.  I was not very excited about going.  Boy was I mistaken.  It was very nice inside, almost on par with the Y and yet it was actually going to be less money for the month.  The inside was very nice, and it has a lot of equipment.  The best news is that we get to use either of the two facilities.  The other one has two pools and racquetball courts.  I will probably use this one the most.  We can ride the golf cart to this one as well.   So, I went ahead and joined.  I knew that this would be the one that Sheryl would like.  I’m excited and tomorrow I will go work out.

But the real question has yet to be answered.  Will I actually use it as much as I think that I  will.  I hope so. I don’t have the excuse that it is too far away anymore.  I can tell that the only way I am really going to loose weight is for me to work out regularly.  That is the key to seeing my body change and go back in search of the fountain of youth.  So, the easy part is complete.  Now comes the hard part, actually using it.  Hopefully I will have no problem with that.  Tomorrow starts a new day!

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