Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sitting in Airports

In some ways it seems like I have spent most of my life sitting in airports. I guess being in aviation for over 40 years would give anyone that perspective. I do know that it is much more fun waiting in an airport knowing that you have a seat. When I was flying and on a trip, I still hated the sit around, but at least I knew that I had a seat. Right now Sheryl and I are sitting I the Seattle airport. We have already missed one flight, well really two, since the second is about to leave without us. I am already looking at other options beside the direct flights to Atlanta. We will try going to Minneapolis and then to Atlanta next. We might have a chance with that one.

Of course, no longtime traveler nonrev's the week before Christmas. That is unless they want to see their grandchildren then they lose all their senses. We left Juneau at 8pm last night and then got a hotel in Seattle at midnight. We got up at four and here we are. Yesterday we had "Christmas" with the kids and it was a lot of fun. It was a great visit with the whole family, but it was hard to say goodby knowing it will probably be summer before we can get back.

But now, back to reality and trying to get back to Atlanta for Christmas. We are looking forward to that too. We will have Scott, Lacey and the kids over for Christmas eve dinner. Then after Christmas the drive to Ft Lauderdale. It will be 12 hours, but at least we have control of our own destiny. Well, this is an unusual early morning post, hopefully I can update it tonight from our home.

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