Monday, December 5, 2011


I think that birthdays are special.  They ought to be the second most important day you celebrate, right after Christmas.  OK, we might need to add Easter.  But birthdays are unique to each individual and as such they each need to be celebrated.  I think that December is one of the most busy months for birthdays that ma family has.  First, Sheryl’s is on the second.  Then my nephew Gil will have his on the 8th, along with Sean, my son in law.  Jennifer’s is on the 11th and then Anna Roan’s is on the 12th.  That’s five birthdays in 10 days.  That is a busy time of year.  Then you throw in Christmas on top of all that.  It’s definitely enough to keep you busy.

But back to birthdays in general; many people don’t think that they are important.  I guess comes down to identity.  If you believe that you are special, and important then you normally enjoy celebrating your birthday.  However, if you have low self worth, then you tend not to enjoy or celebrate birthdays as much.  Of course that is just a generalization based on my limited observation, but I really think that there is a lot of truth in the statement. 

I do love birthdays, and I am still a little mad that I lost mine last year when I was flying to Australia for our wedding.  We got on the plane in LA about 11PM on the 24th of June and landed at 8AM on the 26th of June.  No June 25th, so there really was no birthday.  It wasn’t too bad though; I did get married that afternoon.  But I was hoping to have the wedding on my birthday too.   But still, there wasn’t much birthday celebrating going on.

So, this week will be bitter sweet.  I celebrate the birthdays of those that I love, but they are too far away to visit, sol I will just have to send the cards and call and talk with them.  That will be fun, but it could be so much more.  These are just the birthdays of my relatives.  It doesn’t even include my friends.

Facebook has revolutionized the way you can keep track of your friends birthdays.  Every week I get an email telling me how many birthdays my friends have during the week.  This week 12 of my friends have birthdays.  That’s just the ones I know about.  I’m sure that there are more.  So, to all of you who are reading this post;  If you have a birthday this week.  Happy birthday!  May your special day be filled with love, joy and peace.  

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