Monday, December 19, 2011

A Rainy Sunday

Yesterday it was snowing again. It wasn't snowing all day, but it snowed lightly most of the day. I was able to run, the snow helped give traction on the ice. It was more slippery than the other day, but an hour run was very fun and beautiful. Of course it was slower because it was more slippery, but it was still fun. I have decided that I like the snow better than the rain. Today it rained all day and it would have been impossible to go out running. So snow, in limited amounts, is definitely better than rain. A having said that, it rained so hard that if it had been snow we probably would have had at least a foot.

We did get to church, Juneau Christian Center. It was a very good service. I am so glad that Lisa and Hernan have found a good church. It had good worship, and the message was very good as well. It would definitely be where I would go if I lived here. After church we went to lunch and to see Santa at the mall. Anna had a cute picture taken with Santa. It's the first time she has ever sat in his lap. Julia would have nothing to do with him, even with Lisa sitting next to him. I guess that she will be just like her sister.

It's been so good being here. I really miss my girls, both are so far away. It's hard to get to see them as much as I would like. It's just hard to believe we have been gone 5 days. Of course to get here you have to add at least a day of travel on each end. I've got to start watching the flights. It's going to get harder and harder to get home as we get closer to Christmas.

I'm sitting here, probably the only one still awake. Lisa has duty tomorrow from 6:30am until 6:30pm. It's the only day she has to work while we are here. We will have fun with the kids, and hopefully I will get a run in outside. I did get to the gym this afternoon with Lisa. I grot a good workout, so the rain didn't totally stop me from doing what I needed to do. Tomorrow will be fun, no matter what we are able to do. I am excited to see what the day brings. Hopefully it will be a day filled with light snow showers and very little rain. Yes, that would be very good indeed.

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