Saturday, December 17, 2011

Playing in the Snow

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. When I looked outside you could tell that the snow was melting around the house and on the roads. My plan was to get out for a run, but Lisa had other plans in mind, and they were better, so I didn't mind going along with hers. She wanted us all to get ready and drive up to the ski slopes. We were Going to go no tubes down a few hills. I sounded like fun, so we packed up to get ready to go. When she called to make sure they were opened, we found out that they no longer had he tubes, but we could come up and find a place to go sledding, so thats what we decided to do.

When we got there, it was really hard to find a place for the girls to sled. Everything around the lodge was just so compact and crowded. We finally found a place down near one of the cross country trails. It was fun for Anna, Julia just wanted to walk and play in the snow. But Anna really did want to sled, and she had a good time. I even went down once, and it was fun. It didn't take too long to get cold, so eventually we went back down to town and found a place for a late lunch.

It's only 10pm here, but I still must be suffering from jet lag. Sheryl is in bed, probably asleep by now and i am ready to join her. Lisa is up making cookies for the birthday party tomorrow afternoon. I really don't have anything else to say, so I'll stop for the night and continue to write tomorrow.

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