Friday, December 16, 2011

Juneau in December

The sun came up today at 8:45 this morning and set at 3:04. That is really better than I thought it would be as far as sunlight, but it was cloudy with light snow most of the day. Terri really wasn't much sun. At 4:30, I felt like it was 8. Maybe that is because of the four hour time difference between here and atlanta. I blamed it on the sunset, but that might not have been right.

I did get out for a run in the snow this morning. It was a slow run, but I did go for 48 minutes, and tomorrow I'll probably go for an hour. It was a lot of fun, because I was dressed for it. It really was a beautiful run, and I can't wait to run even farther. This afternoon we went to Home Depot to buy a Christmas Tree. I have never bought a free there, how much different could it be? In reality, not much. We picked out a tree and had them trim the branches so it would go into the stand. It was sort of like old times, helping Lisa pick out a tree.

Tonight, I put the lights on, with Sheryl's help, and then we watched while Lisa and Anna put the ornaments on and Julia kept trying to take them off. I was a good night and we had a lot of fun. In fact, I had fun the whole day. I seemed to spend most of it holding Julia or playing with Anna. But that's the main reason that we are here. Tomorrow will probably be more of the same, but it should be fun. We got an inch or so of snow today, who knows what we will get tomorrow. It should be another fun day.

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