Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Are You Worth?

That’s a fair question.  What are you worth.  I think that a few years ago, all the chemicals in your body would be worth a couple of hundred dollars.  I’m sure that I would be worth a lot more if I were to sell my organs off one at a time.  Who knows maybe I might be worth a million dollars or so.  What is a heart worth on the black market; or eyes; or kidneys, lungs or liver.  Yes, piece by piece I probably would be worth millions.  But that is not enough, not nearly enough.

I must be worth a lot if Jesus was willing to die for me.  Think about it, if we realize what price our Papa was willing to pay to redeem us, we are worth so, so much more.  We tend to devalue ourselves if when we think that Christ died for all mankind.  Yes he did, that is true.  But He would have done the same thing if it was just me or you.  So we can’t use that excuse to cut down our worth.

Tonight Paul Manwaring was talking about our worth to our Father.  In the Old Testament God inhabited the Tabernacle.  It was a tent who’s value in today’s currency would be about 16 Billion dollars.  Then He moved to the Temple which is was worth about 60 Billion dollars.  He left both of those to dwell in my heart.  So, I must be worth at least 76 Billion dollars with Him. Think about it for a minute.  It puts a different light on the subject, doesn’t it?  76 Billion is a lot of money, and that is just the beginning. 

Most of us don’t value ourselves as much as God does.  If we could just see ourselves through His eyes, we would know that we are truly awesome.  We need to realize that we were made to hold His glory.  That is one of the reasons we are worth so much.  He wants His glory shed abroad in the earth, and He wants us to do it.   We have to expand our view of glory.  It’s not just found in the church.  Glory is found in every area of the earth.  It’s our jov to harness it and release it out into the world.  But first we have to understand how much we are worth.  I’m still learning, but I know that I am worth a lot more than I have ever realized.  You are too!

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