Friday, December 30, 2011

Nice Day at the Beach

I can certainly understand why so many people from Canada, New York or anywhere it is cold and snowing love to come down here and spend the winter. Today's weather was absolutely perfect. It started in the low 60's and ended in the upper 70's with hardly a cloud in the sky. We went to Starbucks early in the morning and then had lunch. After lunch I ran for an hour. It was great weather to run in, and running down las olas blvd looking at all the yachts and then along the beach was a lot of fun.

Then this afternoon we all went to the beach for an hour or so. It was very warm and the water wasn't real cold. No, I didn't swim, but I did walk down in it for a little while. But just sitting on the beach, relaxing and talking with all the kids was a lot of fun. Then we came back and went out for a good dinner at J Alexander's. It's one of my favorite spots here and I always enjoy dinner there.

We had an interesting conversation about how each of us has different callings on our lives, and we work in different mission fields. I know that Sheryl and my calling at this stage in our lives is sitting people free to move into their destiny. We do that all the time in Sozo, and it's our main focus in the school of ministry also. Sean's calling right now is in the professional world. Jennifer's mission field is in the hospital. None of these are more spiritual than the other. What is right for me would be completely wrong for Jennifer or Sean.

It's all about releasing the Presence of God wherever we may be. It's about bring the Kingdom of heaven into the hospital, or a business meeting. It's about bringing freedom wherever you happen to be. No one will see the true Jesus unless they see Him through us. Religion won't cut it any more. Instead we have to be real. Real love from real people who know and reflect the real God. That's what the world needs and is looking for.

I wish we could undo the years and years of "This job is spiritual, and this one isn't." I want everything that I do to be spiritual; and nothing that I do to be religious. Religion continues to kill Christians. Religion had to be an invention of The enemy's to keep believers working so hard that they would miss the real reason they are here. I know that I really just want to live life and let ministry happen. I'm not sure that I am there yet. But I know that I am closer to doing it right than I have ever been before. This year I want to get even closer.

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