Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I'm sitting here at Starbucks in Ft Lauderdale. It is a beautiful day, and the coffee is very good as always. Yesterday was filled with fun and excitement. We spent most of the day discovering Ft Lauderdale by boat. We bought day passes on the water taxi system and spent most of the day looking at the houses of the rich and famous. It is so beautiful to see this city from the intercostal waterway. You get a whole new perspective on it. Then we watched Tech lose again. That was the worst part of the day. While we were out and about, we ate a delicious meal at Coconuts. It's a waterside diner. The food was excellent and the view was breathtaking. At night, we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, facetimed with Lisa and the girls and then watched a movie. We watched the ball drop from New York and went outside to see some fireworks.

Last night I read my post from New Years 2011. I was amazed at how accurate it was and how much has happened to me this past year. 2011 really was a year of change. There were more changes than I could ever imagine. Everything from falling in love with a wonderful woman and getting married to changing churches. It continued with moving out of the Marietta area down to Peachtree City. There were changes in my ministry as I took on helping to lead first year at BASSM. Then, Sheryl and I were asked to lead the Sozo team at Bethel Atlanta. Lisa and Hernan moved to Juneau with the girls. I added new family when I married Sheryl and that is another blessing in my life, but also another change. Yes, 2011 was a year of change and a year of entering in.

So, here we are, Jan 1 2012. What does this year hold in store for us? I sense that I have not entered into everything in the fullness that God wants me too. It's like the door to the house has been opened, but the house still has to be occupied. So, there will be more of an occupying and settling in as this year progresses. In some ways, it might not be as exciting, but it is maybe the most important time. It is a year of seeing promises fulfilled, and deferred hope made complete. I declare this over myself and my family.

2012 will also be a year of fresh revelation as to how our destiny is fulfilled. There are so many open doors. None of them will be closed, but our path will narrow and certain doors will become more obvious as the ones we should choose. It is about choice, you know. I believe that our Papa gives us endless possibilities, but He also puts within us certain desires. When we follow His heart within our heart. Those endless possibilities narrow to those that will propel us into the destiny that He has for us. It is about running our own race, not someone else's.

So, this year I want to focus on my race. It's not a coincidence that I feel compelled to train for another marathon. I believe the pace is picking up. There is much I want to do but the time is short. All of life is spiritual, you can't separate it out into parts. Whether it is running, travel or ministering in the school. If I stay connected to Him, He will give me balance. Balance for the race that I am called to run. My race looks different than your race. I can't judge another's race, because I don't know what God has in store for them. I just bless everyone who is in the race. May 2012 be a year of hopes fulfilled and destiny realized. Happy New Year.

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