Saturday, January 14, 2012

Infected and Contagious

I was running the other day, and I had a long time to think and meditate on things.  I was asking Father God about my life and my dreams, and how come they are so much different than my peers.  He told me that “I was infected.”  I thought OK, so what does that mean.  Then He told me that I was contagious too.  That really got my attention.  Infected? What with?  I can understand being infected with strep throat, and being contagious with it.  You have to stay isolated until you are not contagious anymore.  Well He told me “I would always be contagious.”

But I still wasn’t sure what He was talking about, and then He began to have my life flash back before my eyes as I ran.  I was saved when I was nine, but it wasn’t until 1981 that I was filled with the Spirit.  The next thing that happened was that I got connected with the Vineyard.  I was being drawn into a kingdom mindset and began to seek more after the things of the Holy Spirit, you know, the way out things that we don’t’ necessarily think about in traditional denominations.  That began to draw me in, but I still wasn’t infected.

I became infected in 1994 when the renewal broke out in Toronto.  I can trace the infection that has impacted my life back to that one visit.  It was summer of 94 and the revival had been going on every night since early January.  In fact, it’s still going on up there right now, 18 years later.  It was there that I first felt the Holy Spirit move in a tangible way.  I mean moving corporately, not just on one person.  That is what infected me.  I had to be in that environment.  I couldn’t live without it. 

Once you have tasted and partaken of it, that is all you want in a service, and you are never satisfied if you don’t have it.  Normal services don’t work for you anymore.  You are always looking, hunting for His presence.  You know that you are infected when you will drive 50 miles and bypass hundreds of churches just to be at one where He occasionally shows up.  You wind up surrounding yourself with other people who are infected also.  It’s fun, but you have no choice.  It’s the only thing that satisfies you. 

But there is a big difference between being infected and being contagious.  If you are infected, you could be safe to be around other’s who are not infected.  What you have won’t hurt them; it might not spread to them, you are no risk.  But, on the other hand, if you are contagious, you are dangerous.  You can be dangerous to those who are not infected.  Being contagious means that we are able to spread the infection to others.  I am contagious because I carry His presence in my life.  Everything that I do, I do to spread His Kingdom.  As such, I know that His presence goes with me.  It’s about His presence, It always has been about that, we just lost our focus.  But I am focused, and others like me are as well.  So, I know that I have His presence with me, and I know that if I carry His presence, then I can change the atmosphere wherever I am.  That is why I am contagious.  I’m dangerous to those who aren’t yet infected.  If they hang around me long enough, they will be.  I’m glad that I am contagious.  And I am glad I am infected.  Life would certainly be dull if we weren’t releasing the Kingdom and changing the atmosphere.  It’s a new day, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

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